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Parts Blowing off in Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 01 11:03:11 EDT 2005 | smt_pro

We had this happen in a Heller 1808 oven when we placed Tant-A caps in glue (bottom side / no paste). We had our oven retrofitted to control the zone blower speeds. No more problem.

Agilis Feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 10:27:32 EDT 2003 | bernard

Hi Pete, What you are describing is something that will happen regardless of feeder type or machine type. When taking off a partial reel there is the potiential to lose components. It is minimised by careful handling. Yes I would agree that the Myda

Optimal Speed for Universal Chip Shooters

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 11:12:10 EDT 2003 | JB

We rarely use the tack-time on our machines, even if we run products that are populated with large components. ( ICS, Tant caps etc.) There is a default tacktime for each component on the component library, is called Speed Data. For the components


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