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Sanyo Users I need your info

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 09 03:06:37 EDT 2005 | xfuji

I'm not familiar with Sanyo machines.Is TCM1000 and TCM3000 feeders will be compatible to TCM1600 machines?Which one is better to use for TCM 1600 it will be use to place 1005 chips.. Thanks

Re: Sanyo equipment users

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 18 18:04:40 EDT 1998 | Craig Smith

| I am interested in forming a discussion group for users of the Sanyo equipment. Let me know about your experiences. I would be willing to share my experiences with either the TCM-1600 or the TCM-3500.

Universal 4790/91 Sanyo TCM feeder repair.

Electronics Forum | Thu May 30 10:32:49 EDT 2002 | alcarey

Does anyone know of a contrator that repairs Universal 4790/91 (Sanyo TCM 1600 feeders)?. Thanks Andy Carey

Re: SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 12:48:01 EDT 1998 | Michael Allen

We own two Sanyo chipshooters (TCM-1600 & TCM-3500), and our experience w/ this equipment has been very positive. Contact me w/ any specific questions. | Hello all! My name is Mike Cannon and I'm a small business owner looking at some of the SMT equ

PanaPRO and Sanyo TCM-V850 (HSP 4785) Programming

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 21 11:07:24 EST 2006 | ratsalad

If anyone is interested, I've written a program to read the PanaPRO .pcb file and generate a Sanyo TCM-V850/UIC 4785 program. It sure beats entering the program manually.

PanaPRO and Sanyo TCM-V850 (HSP 4785) Programming

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 21 13:20:03 EST 2006 | Kerwin Hooshey

Mr./Ms./Mrs. Cuculi, Are you offering this software for free?

PanaPRO and Sanyo TCM-V850 (HSP 4785) Programming

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 21 15:09:14 EST 2006 | ratsalad

Yes. I figure if someone can make use of it, they can have it.

CIM systems and Final Assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 11:42:05 EST 2001 | aiscorp

In the past when the electronics industry was only beginning to mature, many companies considered CIM systems or even just basic CAD/CAM functionality a luxury of only the large OEM's which would develop their own tools. Now, with the competitivenes

Re: Quick Frame and Dek 265GS

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 19:55:00 EDT 1998 | D. Lange

| Have you tried the new Accu-Frame from PNC? It tensions on all four sides using an operator-INdependent mechanical scheme. It seems pretty slick. They're failry new, and don't have a frame for the MPM's last time I checked, so I haven't tried it

Re: Convection Oven and thermo profiling of Circuit Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 24 14:08:19 EDT 2000 | Finepitch Services

My agreement with all this started by Arturo's message... Just as a reminder, I guess he suggested to have still "one profile per board" which I completely agree... So, Board #(1,600) could be using a Recipe #(1,10) but it should still be saved as

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