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Excellent tips.

Electronics Forum | Tue May 01 13:39:59 EDT 2001 | kaoni

Thanks Cal Excellent tips. I will add these to the cadre of engineering management and marketing team and schemas as they come together.

Mydata support

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 01:58:41 EDT 2006 | Robert Hammond

I believe the Mydata support team are busy surfing the web rather than answering support calls. Robert

DEK Horizon 265

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 07 19:05:30 EST 2008 | ktroym

Thanks for all the help. The team on first shift reloaded the software and the machine is now running. Thanks once again.

Happy Holidays

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 22 18:18:41 EST 2019 | aqueous

Wishing the SMTNet Team and Users Happy Holidays and a Happy, Peaceful, and Prosperous New Year! Mike Konrad

PCT conveyor belts

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 17:07:51 EST 2022 | goldendragon

Hello Team, Do you have belts for these PCT WS1010 and PCT CV1010? Appreciates!

Wireless USB Developer's Conference

Electronics Forum | Thu May 19 16:20:13 EDT 2005 | davef

Rob Here's the good news for the Arsenalers: Some British researchers [with too little to do] reported in "Nature" that sports teams with red uniforms won more than teams wearing other uniform colors http://webcenter.health.webmd.netscape.com/conten

From an environmental issue to an organizational issue

Electronics Forum | Thu May 19 17:24:18 EDT 2005 | Nickel

Europe (Eco-Lobbies) years ago wanted a sofisticated bike (WEEE & RoHS. etc) but now are discovering they (25 biker teams) are not able to bike !!! The good bikers are in China ( single team) and not suprised if they will be first also with this gam

Inspection Criteria for Silver Epoxy

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 03 17:57:36 EDT 2005 | Andrea

I am wondering if anyone can direct me to some resources that would help my team define some ispection criteria for silver epoxy. We are using the epoxy on joints as little as 0805. My team has differing opinions on how much is too little and how muc

SMT tape boards!

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 26 07:19:25 EDT 2005 | trd

Agreed....Rob....and also Ken its unfair to blame the team when the owner wants a 1980 station wagon to run at 250 mph!!!!! The greatest nascar team would have problems making that happen. And even when you explain....that you need a corvette to go 2

Pin In Paste IPC Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 21:48:53 EST 2007 | davef

You mean it's not OK to celebrate Notre Dame loosing its ninth straight bowl game since 1995? * Notre Dame has lost the last 16 games against teams with top 10 rankings. * Fighting Irish haven't beaten a team of real consequence in the last two seaso

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