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Universal Instruments 5379i Wave Load Conveyor Lift and tilt

Universal Instruments 5379i Wave Load Conveyor Lift and tilt

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Wave

Universal Instruments Wave Loader Conveyor / Bi Level Tilt Elevator Model# 5379i. Transfers boards into a wave solder machine. 24 inch length. SMEMA, Allen Bradley PLC. Avoid Used equipment disappointments. Our systems are in stock, recondition

4 Tech Electronics Inc.


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Beau Tech
Beau Tech

A US manufacturer of quality hand tools for those engaged in the repair, rework, R & D, testing, and assembly of electronic components and printed circuit boards from Through Hole to 2Mil Pitch Surface Mount.


98 Elm St.
Portland, ME United Arab Emirates

Phone: 1-207-775-6139

Shenzhen Honreal for all your SMT Equipment needs

Easily dispense fine pitch components with ±25µm positioning accuracy.
Jetting Pump for Integration

Software for SMT placement & AOI - Free Download.
2023 Eptac IPC Certification Training Schedule

IPC Certification Training from the comfort of your home or office
Electronic Solutions R3

MSD storage in desiccant dry canbinets