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Anyone else have a Meridian 1030 ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 15:19:33 EDT 2003 | jasonr

Hello James, I realize that we are not to post sales ads in forum however, we are a pre-owned equipment dealer with access to several Meridian 1010's; please email sales@tekmart.com if you are interested. Thanks, Jason Robotham Tekmart International

SMT Machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 12:28:44 EDT 2004 | jasont

Hi YuKim, Have you considered purchasing 2nd hand machines? Tekmart International Inc. can help you find a cost effective solution for your additional SMT line requirements. We have in stock and access to several of the machines you've listed; -

where to find older Siemens line transformer and equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 05 15:23:30 EDT 2004 | jasont

We (Tekmart International Inc.) x5 Siemens HS-180's and x5 SP-120's circa 1988-1994, all located in our Guangzhou, China warehouse. Please advise if these machines would be of interest to you and if yes, please advise your offer price. Thanks, Jaso

Looking for KME Controller

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 05 12:47:36 EDT 2003 | arturoflores

Ask Tekmart (check its internet site) they should have the KME spare you are asking for.

Fuji Feeder Pitch

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 01 22:37:39 EDT 2005 | nozzles


We are seeking Fuji service technician/engineer in Arizona, U.S.

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 16 08:06:07 EDT 2009 | esolano

Tekmart is seeking a FUJI service technician/engineer for service support work in Arizona area. The exact location of our warehouse is Nogales Arizona. Please contact us at salestor@tekmart.com so that we can discuss further. We look forward to worki

Contract manufactuer in China

Electronics Forum | Mon May 12 10:26:32 EDT 2003 | jasonr

Hello Sergio, Are you interested in starting-up yourself or looking for established CM provider in China? Please contact me at below coordinates if you are thinking of setting up shop for yourself. Thanks & Regards, Jason Robotham Sales Manager

Re: Fuji CP6 nozzle reflective disks

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 13 14:52:12 EDT 2000 | Jason

Dear Mr. Fields, SMT Parts, USA (San Jose, CA) supplies the light dispertion disk for the CP6 nozzles. Call Mr. David Lombard at 1-831-477-1518 Hope this helps. Jason Robotham Tekmart

WTB: Panasonic HPDIIC(LL) -Left to Right Flow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 15:04:09 EST 1998 | Bipin Napal

I am looking for a Pansonic Glue Dispenser HPDIIC(L) 2661C Must flow LEFT TO RIGHT with low hours. Contact Bipin Napal 416-385-0855 bipin@tekmart.com


Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 04 14:56:43 EDT 2004 | jasont

Would you consider pre-owned, 2002 vintage Samsung CP20CV? 2001 vintage CP33LV? Please reply to jason@tekmart.com Thanks, Jason

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