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Is it just me?

May 6, 2014 | Tension? Naaa... we're all good. Good like gravy I tell you. Gravy. (Gravy is always good)

heat resistant glass plate

Jul 17, 2013 | Dear All, can please tell specifications of heat resistant glass plate which is used to flux appl

Adding new line

Jun 14, 2012 |

MSL Project

Mar 23, 2012 |

Finding a white strand on fine pitch components

Aug 14, 2009 | So, in order to understand your issue better, please * Tell us more about your process [eg, process

QFN Recognotion Problem

Apr 2, 2007 | We have simmilar probelms with a GSM. Lie to it and tell it there are less pins. If there are 6 pins

Fine Pitch Stencil Design

Dec 9, 2005 | Sorry Rob, just what the guys tell me. Yes, on the zipper question.

ABW Systems TSC1008

Nov 21, 2005 | This oven was not designed to support lead free temps. I am sure Manix will tell you the same.

MY12 tpsys shutdown

Nov 18, 2005 | Its funny we are talking about this. I just had an operator come tell me there is a problem with ou

smt machines function

Oct 25, 2005 | Actually, if you just tell us who you're working for WE can tell YOU exactly what machines you'll ne

solder strength

Sep 7, 2005 | an X-ray fluroscope XRF will tell u if there is any lead in it in seconds, without damaging it.

ATI Conveyors

Sep 1, 2005 | Can anyone tell me where I can get pieces parts for ATI conveyors ?

Poor reflow over gold plating

Jun 28, 2005 | Michael: What's this "tint"? How do you do it? Tell us more, please.

TH Lead Clinching

Jun 10, 2005 | IPC 610 will tell you

Automation Engineer

Jun 6, 2005 | Tell us about your experience and preferred location


May 19, 2005 | dougs: Tell us how you do.

MVT GS1 Support

May 17, 2005 | And could you tell me their email? thanks a lot!!

Soldering of smt Resistor Networks

Mar 21, 2005 | What is the specific problem? Tell about: * Resistor pack * Board layout * Stencil aperatures

feeder pitch

Feb 15, 2005 | Tell me more about the C5! I thought we were talking used Vettes here

RTS (Ramp-to-Spike) and RSS (Ramp-soak-spike)

Nov 3, 2004 | Sam, are you asking or telling us these things? russ

Indium NC-SMQ92J paste problems

May 10, 2004 | Hi Can anyone tell what is a Ramp to Spike Profile? Rgds

Wave soldering profiling

May 6, 2004 | tell us a your setup parmeters. What is your dwell time? What flux are you using?

Wave soldering profiling

Apr 11, 2004 | hi please could you tell me where the glass you use came from

Calibration method for camera

Apr 8, 2004 | The camera is in the head. Sorry forgot to tell you.Stefan now I do the calibration with inprint in

.5mm BGA

Feb 20, 2004 | Ken: Please tell us.

How do you tell what percent a SMT resistor is?

Oct 16, 2003 | The color does mean something, If you know the manufacturer their spec sheet will tell you. The th

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