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Re: Curing of Glue for SMT Components

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 22:06:15 EDT 2000 | Dreamsniper

Hi Raeto, 1. You do not have reflow oven. This means that you are not running Surface Mount Technology in your shop floor...am I correct? Why do you plan to have SMD's under your PCB's ? Can't you replace them with their PTH counter part and have th

Humidity of SMT component storage environment.

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 09:03:00 EST 2001 | fmonette

This guideline is actually in the IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033, May 1999 (although it is not spelled out very clearly, thus the current confusion in the industry). The technical reason is that moisture diffusion is a very slow process. Once parts ha

Re: Controlled TempHumidity rooms

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 09 22:40:48 EST 1998 | phillip fhunter

| Hi, I know for sure that by controlling temp. and humidity | conditions in SMT assy lines room, one gets advantage in | screen printing, adhesive dispensing, and pick&place | machines mainteinance. Does any one have any advice on why | else is a c

Re: MicroBGA qualification process

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 21:46:56 EST 2000 | Dave F

Reg: This is copy / paste from draft version of IPC 7095 ( issued May 1999 ) ... 7.3 Assembly accept/reject criteria 7.3.1 Voids in solder joint a. Sources of Voids There can be voids in solder balls, or at the solder joints to the BGA, or at the so


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