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Tenryu 5600 5630 program file converter

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 05:42:45 EST 2005 | paul_fisher

We are looking to convert our Tenryu programs to Europlacer and wonder if anyone has either a viewer for the Tenryu files or knows of a conversion program that is available?

Tenryu 5500, "x over run"

Electronics Forum | Tue May 21 07:03:14 EDT 2002 | smtexpert

Hi, My Tenryu 5500 is showing "X OVERRUN" Error while performing Origin. Can anybody tell the probable reason. thankyou. Priyaranjan

Looking for Tape Feeders 8-44mm for Amistar/Tenryu pick-n-place

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 21 15:18:40 EDT 2002 | paul_bmc

Is there anyone out there that has any Amistar / Tenryu 8-44mm tape feeders for sale? Dealer or Non-dealer. Looking for either New or Used. Thanks in advanced Paul

Need Feeders for Amistar Placepro (Tenryu) machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 07:02:22 EST 2007 | ehess

Looking for feeders (24mm, 32mm and 44mm) for Amistar Placepro machines (Tenryu).

Tenryu MT5530 parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 12:13:00 EDT 2012 | lkavan

Hallo friends, I am looking for interface board for Tenryu MT5530. Its name is DIF3-1. If you want, I can offer servo drivers or some pneumatic feeders for change. Thank you for help.

Amistar SMT equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 23:00:48 EDT 2001 | Darby

I am currently running 2x Tenryu ( Amistar ) Fv7100 machines. They are sensational. However the version of the software I'm running sucks. Yamaha has basically taken over Tenryu and formed, as they call it, an independant third entity called i-Pulse.

Tenryu 5500,

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 28 18:01:08 EDT 2002 | dgjjr

did you fix your x overun problem?


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 20 12:09:34 EST 2003 | dlynch

Scott (and others), Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier in the year. Contact Amistar with your needs. We continue to be alive and well. Our service organization hasn't skipped a beat through this tough economy. We're staffed to provide Tenryu, I-

Panasonic servodrivers in Tenryu

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 30 07:56:32 EDT 2013 | lkavan

Waw,you are really fast!!! Thank you very much, I am going to test it!

Panasonic servodrivers in Tenryu

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 29 09:34:21 EDT 2013 | lkavan

Dear friends, I need to retune servodrivers Panasonic MSD5A3P1EA in my Tenryu MT5530. Some Z axis servo loops are unstable. But I cannot find old Panaterm software for DOS which should be able to communicate with these old drivers. Can you help me? P

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