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Oxidated terminals

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 08 06:52:23 EST 2000 | Cristiano Dick Smiderle

I looking for a possible rework on component terminals that are not soldering in a wave solder machine. The terminals (leads) are very oxidated.

Terminal plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 05:25:34 EDT 2004 | Martin

Hello, I am looking for some advice please about how to go about plating some brass pins for a new assembly. (which will be hand soldered) I have spoken to a couple of "experts" who seem to contradict themselves.. Firstly what should I be solderin

Terminal plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 08:27:38 EDT 2004 | davef

Zinc from the brass [Cu3Zn2] diffuses into the tin causing solderability problems. Just 0.001% of Zn in your solder can render it fit for the scrap heap. So, you need a barrier plate between the brass and the tin. Copper or nickel-plating is commonl

Pin in Paste of screw terminals

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 03 15:49:31 EDT 2009 | gtemkin

Sounds like the Pin in Paste would be a reflow technique not involving a pot. I'm guessing however the same causes are in play, in that the poorer wetting of the Pb-free allow means it drops out of the joint before it can wet to the terminal. We us

Pluggable Terminal Identification

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 22 03:36:35 EDT 2019 | robl

Hi Andy, They look like Camden Boss pluggable blade terminals Anglia sell them in the UK: http://www.anglia-live.com/netalogue/pdfs/cam/datasheets/CTB8300.pdf OKW sell them in the USA: https://www.okwelectronics.com/pluggable_blade_style_termin

SMT Chip terminal lifted

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 17 02:02:38 EST 2000 | PC

Can anyone there please tell me what can cause the SMt chip terminal lifted? This happen quite often and I can't find the rootcause for this problem. Does it cause by material/Placement?? Thanks

Pd/Ag Terminated Capacitors

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 11:53:01 EDT 2000 | Chris

I am looking for a vendor who can supply me with Pd/Ag Paladium Silver terminated 0402 capacitors in a wide range of values. Thanks in advance, Chris

Maximum Number Crimps in Terminal

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 05 12:42:37 EDT 2002 | tombr

Hello Everyone! Does anyone know where I can find a spec on the number of wires that can be crimped in a terminal? Would like IPC SPec # Thanks! Tom

Pin in Paste of screw terminals

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 28 05:22:47 EDT 2009 | sachu_70

Would suggest you have a re-look at your reflow profile. There could possibly be a higher thermal demand to solder the Pb-free version of these screw terminals considering that external plating has changed.

Pluggable Terminal Identification

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 21 16:50:58 EDT 2019 | andyharrold

I'm trying to identify the type of pluggable terminal block used on this circuit board. Any help greatly appreciated

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