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Re: Melting point

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 17:15:25 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

The ternary SnPbBi phase does form commonly when Pb and Bi are combined. No special condition required. Presence of this phase jeopardizes the reliability for applications involving temperature near 96C. Using low temperature solders means a lower s

Tombstone defect

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 09:02:17 EDT 2003 | Kris

Hi SnAg is a binary alloy and does not have the same effect as a ternary SnAgCu alloy as far the pasty range is concerned. But then paste only can do so much. The best way to do it is to have proper pad design, controlled placement and reflow. I w

Re: Pb-Free

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 16:22:37 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

There are certainly many pb-free options being considered by the industry. Currently, the most promising alloys appear to be various combinations of SnAgCu. SnAgBi could also be an option, but to use this alloy, there must be no Pb in the surface f

Re: When? How and What??

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 10:47:28 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

The European WEEE has issued a new (5th) version of its recommendations. In it they say that , on January 1st, 2004, they will review the status of the Pb-Free issue. There is currently NO DEADLINE for implementation. As far as a direct replacemen

Re: Low-temperature, lead-free solders

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 22 16:07:36 EDT 1999 | Rick

| | Do solders exist that are both lead-free and low-temperature (e.g. 100-170 Celsius range)? If so, who supplies these materials? Any websites or contact information would be most helpful. | | | | Also, I am not an expert on soldering, so any

Re: Pb alloy reflow temperatures and component integrity

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 16:02:07 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

If the thermal mass of the products is small, a tent-shaped profile is recommended, with peak temperature around 240C. The hottest spot on board should be less than 250C. However, if the thermal mass of the product is large, such as a large server PC


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