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glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 21:57:26 EDT 2001 | Franky

I have problem about glue printing measurement ,anybody has process of glue printing . How do you measure? as I know "push test" is the method for testing the strength of connection of component and board but I don't have specification of testing for

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 08 20:58:35 EDT 2001 | ericchua

Look like no way you can measure after glue printing. We have been running glue printing for about 2 years and using the "push test" method for testing the strength of connection of component and board. I don't see any problem. For component ( 0603 &

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 08 02:12:21 EDT 2001 | george

I do not doubt about the power of the 552 and 580, but in some cases it may be overdone. For just a simple (straight forward) shear test, you can also look at: http://www.chatillon.com/products/dpp.html (�Low Capacity Mechanical Force Gauge. These er

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 17:56:35 EDT 2001 | seand

Hello all, My respone here is to add options for evaluation for the engineer. Not to convey that they are the only options as that would be reckless. Cyberoptics does have a standard line of machines configured for in line paste inspection. Some

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 06 08:36:04 EDT 2001 | davef

Your point about thermosets getting soft in the preheater of the wave is well taken. But an adhesive that is used past its expiry or other up-front lack of process control represent 99 & 44/100 percent of the reason for �glued parts falling off in

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 16:05:58 EDT 2001 | seand

Hello everyone, Your chief variable here is going to be your epoxy. Different materials react accordingly to various inspection methods but, DEPENDING on your print parameters and material, you may be able to utilize an inline inspection machine.

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 07 07:34:25 EDT 2001 | davef

No one wants to be limited to one alternative in evaluating such equipment. Who would you suggest as viable alternatives to: * Cyber Optics in evaluating alternate suppliers for inspection equipment? * Royce Instruments in evaluating alternate sup

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 22:36:36 EDT 2001 | davef

While I don't understand why, this topic comes-up fairly often on SMTnet. [That the topic recurs indicates there truely is a problem and I'm just too doopy to understand it.] Several things: 1 Check the fine SMTnet Archives. 2 Some glue suppliers kn

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 07:46:24 EDT 2001 | george

Specifications of testing force are not fixed, but (incase of wave soldering) the value should be at least 120-150 % of the force the wave. So for small chip components we assume that the force from the wave on the component is about 3 Newton, this m

glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 20:40:48 EDT 2001 | davef

No one suggested that you speak for other suppliers and nor would they want� you �to speak for them." You shouldn�t make this something that it isn�t. All that was requested courteously was suggestions of alternate suppliers that could be considere

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