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Thick Film Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 14 06:53:23 EDT 2016 | hshorakaei

Thanks for your response. You said that "It is used a lot in the textile industries". Is thick film printing process is screen printing, like printing in textile industry? There is another question yet. What is print/flood and flood/print mode?

Thick Film Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 13 23:53:02 EDT 2016 | sarason

A Screen printer is similar to a stencil printer,except the screen isn't made from a piece of brass, copper, plastic or stainless steel, with laser cut holes. The screen has a stainless steel , silk or polyester mesh, which is then dipped in a photos

Handling PCB assy's

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 31 16:40:01 EST 2002 | dragonslayr

Steve- I was once an auto body repairman in an automotive assembly plant. We used lead for dent filler instead of bondo. It was much faster to use. No cure time like a plastic filler needs. Lead was absorbed through my skin from hand filing the lead

What's The Dealy-O With Smocks?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 21 14:05:04 EST 2005 | rsmith

Loco, I like your textile design talent but if we make those smocks too trendy people will steal them and start wearing them in the malls. There are ESD smocks on the market that have temporary electrical integrity. One such style is called Nylostat.

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 18:30:50 EST 2005 | davef

Russ: In December 2003, the European Commission released the following statement: �The commission services have prepared a draft Commission decision establishing maximum concentration values pursuant to Article5(1)(a) of Directive 2002/95/EC. The pr


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