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I mounted the parts on the buck-boost DCDC converter and measured the characteristics

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 03:29:37 EDT 2022 | samhe

I received a buck-boost DCDC board with an optical sensor from NextPCB, so I mounted the components and measured the efficiency. Table of contents Board received from NextPCB Solder paste printing Mounting of parts Reflow operation check Attaching

Unclear point about the connections on PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 05:38:13 EST 2023 | sandima

Greetings all, I did some measuring and found out that, thick golden line connects metal cases around RS232 pins (plaese check the new picture I added) to only undermost row of 32 rows of DIN41612. Btw, the connection port on the right is DIN41612 w

arrange the line on crystal oscillator

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 23 03:52:32 EDT 2017 | wendymm

Hello guys, I'm a new learner in PCB field. And recently, I have summarized some basic information I learnt on how to arrange the line on crystal oscillator, but I'm not sure if it is right. So I'll write it down below, hope anyone who may read my po

Re: PCB Support Methods @ the Fuji.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 17:28:54 EDT 1999 | JohnW

| | | Question for you SMT guru's out there. | | | | | | What is the best way to support boards on Fuji's CP6 machine's x-y table...particularly for 2nd side SMT where the support side already has parts... I am toying around with the following meth

About the PCB gold finger contamination.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 21:23:42 EDT 2002 | davef

I'm not saying that an eraser will necessarily work. What I'm saying is that some erasers may cause more trouble than the eliminate. Look here http://aic.stanford.edu/jaic/articles/jaic28-02-003_2.html We prefer a brand called Ruby Red. The "ole

Info on the Data Paq Reflow Tracker

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 06:23:38 EST 2001 | johnwatt

Folk's, I've been running with the datapaq system for about 5 years now. I have been using it on both reflow and on wave, the only issue I've ever found is that you cannot predict settings for wave, but then you can't do that on Kic and I don't thin

GSM / universal genesis programming components that hang over the edges of the PCB (connectors)

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 18:33:10 EDT 2022 | griinder

I assume you are programming with DPO? I am using a Fuzion, so it may be a bit different. In "Environment Settings" (The little PC icon in the DPO start bar) under the products tab I am able to change the product load options to "warning" instead of

Does anyone remember the takt time formula for the reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 13 08:39:53 EDT 2008 | ck_the_flip

Takt time (without a google search) is the rate (amount of time per pc.) at which stuff gets made on an assembly line, a workcell, a hi-speed SMT line, CNC machine cell, etc.... Takt time is governed by the gate (the slowest person, machine, etc. in

What's the best company for low volume, quick turn around PCB assembly?

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 02 10:43:13 EST 2015 | dyoungquist

As for cost, that will depend on several things.... -Turn key or consignment? -Diversity of components? -Total quantity of components to be loaded? -Single or double sided SMT? -Individual boards or are they panelized? -No clean or water soluble flu


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