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Re: Heat Sinks

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 10:50:14 EST 2000 | Charles Harper

Thermagon,Inc,in Cleveland,OH has a product line of high thermal conductivity circuit boards which you should investigate.Check www.thermagon.com and/or call Paul Klouda at 216-939-2310.The 216 area code might have changed to 440.

Low Melt Solder Chemistry for use in Rework Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 13:44:09 EST 2007 | dsoohoo

After some precursory experimentation, I am planing on employing a form of low melting temp solder for use in reworking some very dense, copper core PCB's, both SMT and THT, which were originally mounted with 63/37 solder. The main problem with the


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