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Thermal Pads Soldering Worry, can anybody help?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 23:41:55 EDT 2017 | heros_electronics

Below is an email that I copy and pasted from my customer's engineer about his concerns with the issue of the chips not reflowing (which is why I was asking about X-ray the chips to make sure they reflowed): Can you let me know your thoughts on his

Voids problem in Lead free process

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 10:29:03 EDT 2006 | Mike

First, Voiding under thermal pad is unavoidable(pardon the pun), unless you can find a way to add sufficient amount of solder paste to cover the area, and match that solder volume on your terminal leads. I build HVM qty's of "QFN" components w/ therm

Can you wave solder this part

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 25 09:15:43 EDT 2006 | russ

We use a single large pad on board and reduce stencil aperture 50%. If you mask/reduce the thermal pad the solder will not wet out to edges and you will still see the part standoff with the open joints. the purpose of reduction is to wet the paste

QFN soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 09 10:37:38 EST 2007 | devajj

We have started using QFN packages in large volume and are having problems with no-solders. We are using 6mil stencil with 1x1 paste print to pad. These also have thermal pads with thru vias that we reduce the stencil aperture by 1/4. Board also ha

TQFN Solder Issues (56 contact) ZF

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 21 10:18:00 EDT 2009 | stepheniii

Make sure the ground pad is reduced on the stencil and window paned. The solder on the thermal pad can lift the part up, especially if it traps gas. 360-380C does sound insane. I would believe a manufacturer saying 360-380F before I could believe

Thermal Pads Soldering Worry, can anybody help?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 24 22:50:43 EDT 2017 | dawson

In fact, we can solve this problem easily. AOI only check whether the IC is soldered well. But we can ask our technician to make a test first to control the reflowing temperature and time. 1. using tool to test the temperature between the bottom IC

Solder balls high on IC

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 26 14:45:36 EDT 2019 | dwl

Excellent X-ray picture, very helpful! It looks like you have a lot of voiding on the center thermal pad. My guess is that outgassing is pushing solder off the pad which is forming solder balls outside the body of the component package. The first

QFN PCB Pad no Drain Hole

Electronics Forum | Sun May 19 23:38:57 EDT 2013 | shrikant_borkar

We are EMS. Later revisions and Other models are get Modified. Now we have some remain Stock of Pcbs abd there end also. We have taken trial with Reduction in Apparatuses. But even small amount of solder paste at thermal Pad is causing QFN lift up.

Thermal Relief

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 03 05:07:06 EST 2004 | Javi

Hello, I would like to design the thermal reliefs/pads of my through-hole components. I would appreciate any info, doc or link about how design them (dimensions, slit width, circular or square, etc). Thanks a lot and best regards, Javi


Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 22 16:04:26 EST 2006 | mika

Hi, This Not so easy as one wuold think. Has the thermal pad of yours vias? How many? What's the via's dia? What is the pcb thickness? If the the pcb has a "ground layer" connected (vias) to the pcb thermal pad, it could sometimes be a little bit tri

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