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What is thermal mass?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 23 08:22:31 EDT 2005 | davef

Thermal mass is the ability of a material to absorb heat energy. * A lot of heat energy is required to change the temperature of high density areas, like a ground plane. They are therefore said to have high thermal mass. * Light weight areas, such as

What is thermal mass?

Electronics Forum | Sun May 22 23:11:57 EDT 2005 | thaqalain

What is definition of thermal mass?

Re: Reflow ovens : high mass vs. low mass

Electronics Forum | Tue May 18 18:17:50 EDT 1999 | Scott Cook

| Looking at the full convection reflow oven market, I see two segments, high mass heater ovens (i.e. Electrovert Omniflow,...), and low mass heater ovens (i.e. Heller,...) | Did some of you guys did some testing on both types and what were your find

Re: Power component thermal via

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 03:32:08 EST 2000 | pascal MATHIEU

emmanuel : i agree with Dave , it's easy to have blind hole on the bottom side , of course in this case you'll lose some thermal efficiency ;the second solution is to put on the bottom side between the board and your heatsink a soft thermal interfac

How are you reworking high mass LED pcb's?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 10:38:24 EDT 2017 | jchris

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I ended up borrowing a Pace Worldwide PH100 Preheater, which worked like a charm. I'm in the process of purchasing one for our own shop. I had to place the aluminum pcb directly onto the PH100's ceramic heating pla

Starting point 7 zone oven profile for lead free - 2 layer simple board, but high mass electrolytics

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 24 12:18:01 EDT 2014 | cyber_wolf

You must thermally profile your circuit boards with a data-logger and thermocouples. Just putting in oven set points and looking at solder joints is not enough. Reference IPC-7530

Starting point 7 zone oven profile for lead free - 2 layer simple board, but high mass electrolytics

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 09:38:05 EDT 2014 | rgduval

Get in touch with your paste manufacturer. They should have a data base of different oven types/zones, and can give you "baseline" settings for a medium thermal density board that has been proven to work well with their paste. After that, it sounds

RTS (Ramp-to-Spike) and RSS (Ramp-soak-spike)

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 02 05:00:28 EST 2004 | jysam

we are using solder paste WS609 and OM5100.Relow oven: forced convection type. For WS609 and OM5100, straight ramp up profile is suitable for low to medium thermal mass assemblies and preheating may be required for high thermal mass assemblies. How

Profiling board

Electronics Forum | Thu May 23 12:11:40 EDT 2002 | pjc

One thing I have done in your situation is ask the customer if they have any older design boards that are similar in thermal mass or if they have any from proto work, etc.... Otherwise find/make a board of similar thermal mass as best you can.

Problem with shielding component

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 10 09:57:08 EST 2007 | realchunks

Shields can carry a large thermal mass. If you ever tried removing one in repair, you'd find out how hard they can be. Also, they do deflect air flow. So in a convection oven, your air flow will be turbulent, which also will affect your reflow.

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