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Depanel thin board

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 09 05:52:49 EDT 2015 | kfquan

Have you tried the so called push-back or re-insertion type panel? 5mm*12mm*0.3mm thick FR-4, 120-up panel is doable.

0201's on a VERY thin .010

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 21 08:28:33 EST 2013 | proy

I am looking at assembling a relatively small baord, but it is very thin and precise. It is .010" FR4, with 1oz copper two sides. ** Components are only on one side** It has some 0201's and a .4mm pitch BGA among other leadless packages. Where

Re: pallet design for thin pcb's

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 22:31:25 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| | i'm sure everyone has run into this at one point or another. I have a thin pcb .025 that is single up that has to be built on a pallet. does anyone have any tricks to the pallet design that will help to hold these boards down during the scree

Alternatives to v-score or mouse-bites?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 03 15:16:01 EDT 2021 | capse

Thin FR4 can be routed with a CO2 laser with high quality results, the edge is precise and free of slag. The process is extremely low stress. If the edges are straight you can consider sawing. 0.4mm (0.016") FR4 can be laser routed and sawn at spee

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 25 22:56:44 EDT 2005 | davef

rush316 First, no one stated that PBB and/or PCBE are in FR4. FR4 contain tetra-bromo-bisphenol A [TBBA]. Second, there are classes [and grades] of dielectric materials used in fabricating printed circuit boards. Grades, NEMA LI-1. From these gr

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 25 17:07:11 EDT 2005 | rush316

You indicate that PBBs and PBDEs are included in FR4 materials!! Does this include PCB (Printed Circuit Boards)??

PCB material Nelco13 and FR4

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 23:57:42 EDT 2004 | George

Could anyone tell me the difference in PCB material Nelco13 and FR4? PCB dielectric material Nelco13 is quite new for me and I knew nothing about it. For imcoming quality control (IQC), I am asked to identify PCB made of FR4 and Nelco13. How to do th

Flexi boards and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 11 10:13:22 EDT 2006 | SWAG

Over time, you might see problems with delam., blistering and warpage if using FR4 carriers. Depending on volumes, you might consider using durostone or some robust material like that for the production runs. Keep in mind that switching materials w

PCB material Nelco13 and FR4

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 28 01:44:02 EDT 2004 | George

Thanks a lot !

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 18:47:54 EST 2005 | davef

JD: It's important to note that FR-4 does not contain PBB or PBDE. The bromine in FR-4 epoxy comes in the form of tetra-bromo-bisphenol A [TBBA], which polymerizes and become part of the cross-linked epoxy. Bromine, in the form of hydrogen bromide, i

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