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Display name is using user name.

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 13:05:23 EST 2001 | bdoyle

Hi Charlie, It looks like its displaying your display name on the listing but your username when you post. You're the only person that sees that. We've logged the bug though and will address it in our next bug sweep though. Thanks! Brian

Mixing lead free chemistry

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 22:55:08 EDT 2005 | davef

We think it will make little difference to your customer. It really depends on your customer's end-use environment though. Tough to guess. In a short time, both of pots will be "SAC" though.

Assembly work instruction

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 16 02:33:37 EDT 2008 | operator

I proposed something similar. Not video though. We kicked around going "paperless". They just can't handle the expense for a comp at every station. Also, all the training involved....it is scary to think about. It would be awesome though to see it i

Swine Flu

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 30 08:38:39 EDT 2009 | kpm135

Actually most over the counter masks don't work very well as the virus is so tiny it goes right through when you breath or cough. I guess they make people feel better though. The rest of your advice is quite good though.

GSM Placement Offset

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 18 16:24:10 EDT 2020 | dilogic

Yes, to calibrate you need calibration plate and calibration "parts". There's something you can try, though. There is a setting for on-head camera position. You can modify these values (write down original values, of course) manually and then try it

An example of a good

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 24 13:08:04 EDT 2002 | bdoyle

the thing is though, by bumping the thread it may attract the attention of new people who didn't see the original.

Quad ZCR oven password

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 28 17:34:12 EST 2005 | bobpan

ya...i know.....still not quad though.....a shell of quad......tx anyways

Need Manuals

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 04 15:43:46 EST 2003 | jaytorres

I tried the Pace website first, they have plenty of manuals, just not for what I have...thanks though. -J

Royonics Bulbs

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 03 03:17:17 EDT 2004 | kent_peterson

That is bulbs plus inc. I'm sure there is someone more local for you though.

Fuji cp6 nozzle repair

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 19:25:02 EDT 2005 | matjen

I found a place that exchanges old nozzles for new ones; thanks for the inputs though.

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