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Tilted/Slant SMT Component Specs?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 26 23:26:35 EST 2002 | ianchan

Hi Guys, (Note: We are not talking about bill-board RES/CAP, we are talking about Z-axis slant/tilted RES/CAP with respect to the PCB pad Z-axis plane). 1) We ref through the IPC-A-610C specification "bible", and can not find a "chapter/verse" tha

BGA Tilt

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 14:03:39 EST 2007 | dave

Hi All, What is the cause of BGA tilt ? I have a failed board and it seems to have approx 0.25 mm difference in height on one edge of the BGA to the other. It is notable under magnification. Is this caused by to much time above reflow temp or not

BGA x-ray services 3D

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 28 10:28:59 EST 2010 | blnorman

2D with tilt will work. We have found opens on BGA balls with a 2D system tilted at the right angle.

0603 LED Tilt

Electronics Forum | Mon May 27 07:16:27 EDT 2013 | mskler

We have an LED 0603 package, We are using stencil of 5 Mil, Before Reflow placement is perfact but after reflow it tis found that there is more than 30% LED are tilt. Can the speed of Fan in Reflow can help or I have to reduce the PAD opening in Sten


Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 24 05:38:46 EST 2017 | jineshjpr

Can anybody suggest how to reduce 0402 LED tilting as I am using Convectional Reflow oven with 10 Heating zones and controlling the solder paste with 4.2 mills paste height

Re: touch-up board

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 26 19:35:23 EST 1998 | Wayne Bracy

I'm trying to find a source for a tilt device for use when doing touch-up soldering. Employee needs to raise the board above standard bench height for better access to the board and for better posture. Angle of the tilt device should be adjustabl

PLCC 44 and QFP 240 tilting problems

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 17 14:21:54 EST 2007 | Muhammad Haris

Hi All, I am using YV100Xg YAMAHA Pick and Place Mounter Machine and I am facing a tilting problem of PLCC 84 and QFP 240 pins ICs. I deeply checked about their vision files and place them on the double sided tape and found them ACCURATE on their pad

Tilted/Slant SMT Component Specs?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 19:40:03 EST 2002 | davef

Touch!!! Unwise. Stop. Do not restart.

Tilted/Slant SMT Component Specs?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 19:47:41 EST 2002 | ianchan

Huh? wats'ta mean??? "stop"???

Tilted/Slant SMT Component Specs?

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 31 22:46:23 EST 2002 | ianchan

Ooooohhh...K..... roger that, over.

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