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gold connectors

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 08:51:09 EDT 2002 | zanolli

Hello Dave, As related to connector mating interface, fretting corrosion is the oxidation of the contact points, causing high resistance across the interface. Fretting corrosion is caused my micromotions in the interface exposing the metalized conta

62sn36sn2ag on gold terminations?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 12 23:28:33 EDT 2003 | dehlers

To the best of my knowledge and experience the 2 % Ag component is not for embrittlement but rather to reduce gold scavenging caused by the propensity for tin to react with the gold. I have seen eutectic tin/lead actually disolve gold wire after a f

62sn36sn2ag on gold terminations?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 13 06:57:10 EDT 2003 | davef

Your vendor site is totally correct. 2Ag is an excellent solder, but it does nothing to prevent tin and gold from reacting chemically. An earlier poster is correct gold goes into solution in liquid solder very fast, less than a second. Gold and ti

Immersion gold and BGAs

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 26 09:57:21 EDT 2005 | russ

The Immersion gold is not a problem with BGAs specifically but "black pad" which can be present anywhere. The unfortunate thing with BGAs is you cannot see it. Personally I hate white tin. It is okay for single sided boards running no-clean, but c

SMT gold plated components

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 06 16:35:31 EDT 2003 | Carol

This is an old topic, but keeps coming up. Solderability and reliability issues with SMT gold plated terminations when used with tin/lead solder paste/hassle finish PWB. I need to know which standard (mil, IPC, J-STD??) tells you all about the probl

SMT gold plated components

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 06 20:50:42 EDT 2003 | davef

Well, if it "keeps coming up", let's take a pass at keeping down. For: * Requirement that gold be removed from components, pads, etc. is J-STD-001C, 5.4.1 * Context of that requirement [J-STD-001C, 5.4.1] and 6 or 7 references are in IPC-HDBK-001.

Soldering to hard gold

Electronics Forum | Fri May 03 16:06:44 EDT 2013 | hegemon

To be short, no change in profile is going to get you through this. As I recall the point of hard gold is to retard the wetting process, so no surprise here. For example a connector might have hard gold plating at the mating surface, but not at t

Immersion gold and BGAs

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 26 14:15:16 EDT 2005 | David

Where could I find more information regarding the double sided reflow and flux problems with white tin?

Immersion gold and BGAs

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 26 09:48:11 EDT 2005 | David

I have heard that there are problems using immersion gold on PCBs when working with BGAs. Is this correct? Is white tin more suitable?

Gold to gold soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 13 08:17:06 EDT 2006 | davef

The solder alloy does not change based on the flux. Your potential for embrittlement is the same [providing the metal of the solders are the same] with either solder. We would guess the OA flux is [and drag tinning are] removing corrosion from the

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