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MyData TM8FC magazines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 28 18:05:13 EDT 2006 | Travis Eklund

I don't know about the TM8FC magazines but the Agilis magazines allow you to slow down the tape advancement speed. If you can, slow down the tape advancement on the TM8FC.

Mydata TM8FC Feeder strange issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 06 10:11:45 EST 2014 | cyber_wolf

The separation clip part number for a TM8 and a TM8C are different. The TM8FC clip is longer so it will cover the component before the one being picked.

MyData TM8FC magazines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 06 17:37:27 EDT 2006 | pms

Travis, Thanks, but there is no adjustments (software or hardware) for tape advancement on the TM8FC magazines. Got a hold of the feeder documents from Mydata that Sr.Tech was talking about. I'll try there suggestions. Thanks

Mydata TM8FC Feeder strange issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 29 10:23:24 EST 2014 | alphatronique

Hi i have strange issue on one of my TM8FC feeder feeder seem to have 0.5 to 1mm longer that my other feeder on image above have 2 side by side picture was take on same machine slot ,and both feeder have same part separation clip i even swap cl

MyData TM8FC magazines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 28 15:42:37 EDT 2006 | pms

Sr.Tech, I e-mailed you. Paul M.

MyData TM8FC magazines

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 15:32:16 EDT 2006 | pms

We have recently started building assemblies containing 0402 components (argggg!!). Were using the TM8FC magazines and are seeing alot of miss-picks on the 0402 components. When the feeder advances the part, the part can; jump out of the tape, or tur

MyData TM8FC magazines

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 10:32:30 EDT 2006 | pms

Thanks for the info Chris, I'll check into your suggestions. We seem to be having the problem with all/most of the TM8FC magazines. I'm looking for a common denominator. Has any one ever experienced static electricity on the cover tape causing the c

MyData TM8FC magazines

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 10:55:34 EDT 2006 | cyber_wolf

Do you have a login for the support section on the Mydata website ? If not, get one. Click on MYtech, then click the article named: "Simple feeder care reduces reject rate! The component separator spring" We run alot of 0402's on the TM8FC mags wit

MyData TM8FC magazines

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 27 14:40:41 EDT 2006 | pms

SrTech, Thanks for popping in. Your MyData advice has always been good. Anyway, all of our TM8FC's do have the correct seperators. So nix that. I thought the timing only had to do with advancing and stopping the component into the pick line correctl

0402 placement with Mydata machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 25 11:26:20 EDT 2004 | cyber_wolf

You can't do it. The pitch of the tape advancing sprocket is not the right pitch on a TM8 magazine. You need a TM8FC magazine.

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