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Toe Fillets

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 08 13:47:13 EST 2004 | guest

It is my understanding that per IPC specs toe fillets are not required as they do not add any strength to a solder connection. Our thoughts were allways that proper toe fillets are a sign of a good process. What are some of your guidelines and though

What is 'toe down configuration' IPC-A-610D?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 08:36:23 EDT 2007 | davef

IPC-A-610D refers to 'toe down configuration' several times, beyond the that you question. Although none will add to your understanding of 'toe down'. A lead that is 'toe down' is one where the foot of the lead is not parallel to the pad. T

QFN Side fillet

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 22 02:13:31 EDT 2019 | jandon

some PQFN package configurations have no toe exposed or do not have a continous solderable surface on the exposed toe and a toe fillet will not form. (IPC-A-610F 8.3.13)

Toe Fillets

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 08 14:33:50 EST 2004 | dwzeek

Toe fillets are not required per IPC. Toe fillets could be used as a process indicator, if you desire; I would not. Gull wing leads are typically cut off on the ends when manufactured; this exposes the non-plated material in the lead, typically coppe

Poor Solderability on TSOPs with Alloy 42 Leadframes

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 12:12:17 EDT 2005 | Paul

I'm with DaveF on this one. I think you'll be trying solve this one for a long time. Alloy42 just doesn't like to be soldered. What exactly is the issue? Lack of a toe fillets at on the cropped lead? There is no spec for a toe fillet other than to

Solder Fillet on Gull Wing Lead

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 08:05:44 EDT 2001 | wbu

Oh boy, I prefer the fillet at heel of course, the toe you can�t trust. The solderable finish of the leads is applied and than the leads are cut leaving the toes without this so much loved finish. guess how that looks after you�ve finished your job.

How to improve the solder quality of QFN?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 08 16:35:04 EDT 2005 | Jason Fullerton

"Whether or not you need a toe fillet depends on your application. We have high reliability products where we can't use a QFN over a certain size, regardless of toe fillet. We have other applications where we meet the thermal cycle requirements for a

Fine Pitch QFP100 Solder Joint - Need Help!

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 31 09:28:15 EST 2002 | russ

Toe fillets are not required per IPC, you can actually have toe overhang. Russ

Toe Fillets

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 12 08:56:09 EST 2004 | Paul F

Is anyone having issues with fillet inspection on AOI machines due to poor toe fillets caused by exposed base metal? We're just getting into AOI now and QFP inspection is proving difficult.


Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 21 21:09:58 EST 2006 | MFG CAVEMAN

Ditto what Russ said. We are doing the same with the same results. We also will add 10-15mils to the toe end of the pads to have some chance at forming a toe fillet. MFG'r recommended padstacks are not to be trusted. We only process with no-clean

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