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solving tombstone

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 31 23:52:12 EDT 2008 | roc2x

Hi, Im having problem on tombstone, The part is LF chip component 1005, and my solder paste is WS leded. tombstone is not in a deg angle but one side is soldered but the other side is just sitting on the solder. Looks like my solder can not wick up t

solving tombstone

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 01 00:40:06 EDT 2008 | roc2x

thanks,my pad design is 24 x 23 mils and now I chnged my stencil to 24 x 20 mils ship inwrds to lower down my volume. My placement is and part data are ok. My reflow N2 is using 1000ppm, Actual is 700-800ppm I already prolonged my pre-heat butit only

Finding and selling parts

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 07 09:05:58 EDT 2003 | Mike

We have opened a site for people to post parts, request parts, etc. It is the Global Parts Repository. It is mainly electronic and mechanical parts that we have in mind: http://www.info-services.net/gpr

Finding and selling parts

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 21 19:23:25 EDT 2003 | Mike

The GPR is growing. Visit and submit parts or requests for parts. http://www.info-services.net/gpr To see all of the parts, visit http://www.info-services.net/gpr/allparts.html

Mv2f parts and marks data.

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 22:13:18 EDT 2020 | gabriel1blue

Hi guys we had problems with our old pick and place machines and all the parts data and mark data was lost when we had to restart the machine. We made a copy but it has been so long that we used it that now it's not working. I hope someone has one of

Pick and Place machine dropping parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 06:30:59 EDT 2009 | hcarrasco

1.- Check your vacuum a.- Check filters b.- Check air flow (the vacuum is generated by a Ventury using air flow, not air pressure) c.- Vaccum vias (Possible linth inside the vacuum lines) 2.- Check the nozzle condition (Probably broken o

Pick and Place machine dropping parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 14:41:23 EDT 2009 | snsmt

most of the problems tend to be with TANT components and a few 0603 chips.

Pick and Place machine dropping parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 14 14:42:30 EDT 2009 | snsmt

The Tant size is 3528-21. I use type 72 nozzle for it.

Pick and Place machine dropping parts

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 10 18:15:33 EDT 2009 | snsmt

Hello everyone, i have a few questions regarding dropped components. I have a Philips Topaz X and it has been dropping components. I would like to know what causes them to drop. I know parts can be mispicked from time to time. This is very genera

Pick and Place machine dropping parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 13:48:37 EDT 2009 | christian01976

Hello! You can check your vacuum in MANUAL and then VACUUM IN MONITOR. You can switch the vacuum on or off for each head. With a TYPE 72 nozzle and no component the vacuum should be around 80 or 90 and with a component at the nozzle it should be ove

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