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Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 16:42:07 EDT 2013 | thanh567

W- HTLM-5 :Hydra tool length wrong for tool tube 3. expected tool length 4.5mm, tool length found -1.358mm any one out there know what to look for this issue? sensor?

Mydata TP9-UFP problem - Can't reach tool bank

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 22 16:33:14 EDT 2018 | tey422

To narrow down the cause. Have you test it on all your tools? If only particular tool(s) having issue, then it might be tool that's having the problem.

Im trying to install a tool on a MY15 and I am getting errors

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 17:37:28 EDT 2021 | SMTA-64387687

Did you grease the tool o-rings? If they are too dry, the head won't slide onto the tool. Also, make sure the tools are flat in the tray. I'm assuming that you aligned on the center of the tool. And, try cycling the non-spring tools, like A24, to see

Splicing tool recomendations?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 16 22:56:41 EDT 2009 | davef

splic* tool

Lead free wave tools

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 13:04:44 EDT 2005 | c111

Can anyone recomend tools for cleaning & adjusting of a lead free solder pot? I know it's not recomended to use the standard stainless tools. I was told by an FSE to use wood (kitchen) tools. Thanks

Mydata TP9-UFP problem - Can't reach tool bank

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 23 00:52:16 EDT 2018 | filipblad

Yes, for all tools... The tool head stops just above the tool

Universal lead trimming tool wanted

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 08 16:16:24 EST 2019 | emeto

Hello, we keep having new individual tools for trimming TH components to the right length. Does anyone know where I can find a more universal mechanical tool that covers multiple component pitch and sizes? I am interested in buying such a tool.

YAMAHA--yamaha factory tools_p-tool_v1.71std_r1.000

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 04 09:09:45 EST 2021 | hello112

Yamaha factory tools_p-tool_v1.72std_r1.000 Free sharing and communication

MY19 Midas Tool Issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 18:10:09 EDT 2022 | mt396596

We just went through a similar issue with our MY12E. Make sure your Midas vacuum system is working, check your Midas Z friction. Also verify the Centering unit centering band. You can swap your MOTZ and MOTC to rule out the card. The tool install t

Universal VCD Tooling - 22inch dual head.

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 26 14:48:43 EST 2001 | PeteC

The tooling fixture has tooling pins to accomidate your PCBs. Typical PCB tooling holes are 0.125" dia. non-plated thru holes and 0.250"x0.250" from the edge of the PCB. Check out this link to EMC Global Technologies. They mfg. tooling fixtures for U

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