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Philips Topaz Vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 16:31:09 EST 2009 | shanebeard

I turned on my standard Philips Topaz today, and the vision system did not come up with the rest of the machine. If there is anyone out there that could walk me through troubleshooting this problem, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking the

Philips Topaz - is there any way to use it to place parts 11 - 13mm tall?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 01 03:40:02 EDT 2019 | robl

Hi Janet, You could pick up an Emerald very cheaply these days, which is very similar except has 2 heads and can go to 15-17mm high. May be cheaper than trying to modify a topaz & vision system. Same software, feeders etc.

Topaz-X "DOWNLOAD VISION ERROR" and "L057 ...)

Electronics Forum | Wed May 08 10:21:05 EDT 2019 | compit

During the start the error "DOWNLOAD VISION ERROR" - instead of "OK" is "NG". - resolved - video card died. But I still have a motor overload error Y1 (L057:CUR.DEV ... Y1 error) - what resistanc

Topaz X Head Optimization

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 05 16:28:35 EDT 2012 | acsscott

I have told the Topaz that it has 73 nozzles installed, and selected to use 73 nozzles for the LED's. THe 74 nozzles are actually on the machine. I think it has something to do with the part dimensions in the vision section. The part is 5mm x 6mm

Topaz-x >X axis motion problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 10 02:49:06 EST 2010 | bagindia

we are facing vision error problem after running the machine for half an hour.Cause is x-axis motor % is changing & also motion is little harder compared with Y-axis

Topaz-Xii Error Code 30

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 24 10:58:15 EDT 2015 | chris_jayconsystems_com

I have checked and rechecked all my dimensions on the capacitor which is a 402 size. The manual says that the center is incorrect. Need some help to figure out why it is throwing this part away seeing it passes a vision test. Any help would be gratef

Topaz yv100 calibration problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 03 12:23:30 EST 2022 | vasu278

After calibration placement accuracy is improved but for 1st head accuracy is not improved and also my camera vision in crt display is also changed anyone can help me

Inconsistent mounting on TOPAZ-X

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 17 04:03:08 EST 2008 | griffin

If the whole board is shifted then it must be a problem with the clamping of the fixtrue to the machine or the board to the fixture, or the fiducial reading that is incorrect. Are the fixation of the board to the fixture the same in both programs? A

Topaz X large component sequencer pick causes outside soft limit error

Electronics Forum | Wed May 13 12:39:25 EDT 2015 | arbpkevin

Ahh, yes. Just about the same time you replied someone else I asked said the same thing! I didn't realize that you had to put the part on by hand for the vision test. In the book it says to leave the feeder position set to the default setting. Fu

Inconsistent mounting on TOPAZ-X

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 06:23:09 EST 2008 | griffin

One thing to consider regarding the capacitor, The leads are not 100% straight beneath the plastic bottom part. And if you align with regards to the two leads, the leads will be aligned to the pads of your board, but the body of the capacitor is look

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