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topaz x bring back component

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 13:20:06 EDT 2016 | elton111

how are you. I have a problem with a table that the issue errori topaz. The issue is the message "Bring back component." a problem with the pick up parts vacum setting level is 100 and the current 111 with vacum head is 6. Can u tell me how to Calibr

assembleon topaz and sapphire

Electronics Forum | Mon May 26 08:23:49 EDT 2014 | mun4o

hi all, we have smd line with 2 Assembleon topaz X.The real speed of the line is about 12- 13k cph.I want to increase this speed.I intend to buy a Assembleon sapphire and change one of topaz with sapphire ( chip shooter).Has anyone of you similar c

topaz X R Alignment tool

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 08:31:11 EST 2019 | robl

sales@qy-smt.com are pretty good.

topaz X R Alignment tool

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 08:33:41 EST 2019 | aldrich17

Thank you, ill give them a shout.

mydata tp9 vs philips topaz

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 18 15:04:05 EST 2007 | slthomas

It was apparent to me that because he was looking at a Topaz, not a Topaz X, and a TP, not a My9, that he's looking at older used machines. Is there a used Sony in a similar price range to the other two that will outperform them?

topaz X R Alignment tool

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 12:24:26 EST 2019 | aldrich17

Does anyone happen know where i can find an R alignment tool? Part number 5322 395 10879. Also a disassemble shaft tool. Part number 5322 395 10877

topaz X R Alignment tool

Electronics Forum | Fri May 10 01:30:11 EDT 2019 | vinitverma

You can buy directly from Assembleon (now K&S) at webshop.assembleon.com if you are a registered customer. If not, just register and wait a day for the login details. You can then buy online.

Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X

Electronics Forum | Tue May 18 08:55:06 EDT 2021 | compit

I bought similar (KOGANEI) for Topaz-X, only the coil of the electromagnet must be the same (voltage). The mechanical part is unlikely to break down - you need to disassember and clean.

Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 20:11:21 EDT 2021 | compit

I have two machines - Emerald-X and Topaz-X. I cleaned (and changed Koganei electromagnets) only in Topaz-X - Emerald-X is in very good condition :) But my Emerald-X have SF (not FNC) heads. If head 1 is OK - change the relays with head 2 and check.

Topaz/Topaz X feeder compatibility

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 04 17:44:42 EST 2008 | wayne123

I am unfamiliar with the Topaz X and I am needing to know if they accept the same tape feeders as our Emerald and older Topaz. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks, Wayne

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