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Cad2Cad Assembleon software for Opal xii/Topaz xii

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 21 04:54:42 EST 2015 | Alle

Hi . Is there anyone who have Cad2Cad software from Assembleon Opal Xii/Topez Xii. Is it possible to get it. Thanks!

About price of Topaz-XII

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 14 06:37:30 EDT 2006 | Sasha

What can be the price of Topaz-XII (new machine, standard configuration, without feeders)?

SMT Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 05 08:49:43 EST 2002 | pjc

Yamaha YV100Xg is the Topaz XII YV100X is Topaz X YV100II is Topaz YV88Xg is Emerald XII YV88X is Emerald X YVL88II is Emerald YV180Xg is Sapphire XII

Seeking CAD2CAD software for creating VIOS TXT FILES

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 25 16:57:30 EDT 2017 | zippi

Hi, Our Company write a new software to Convert p&p files to assembleon text or xml file. We use it with an Ellipse 2, topaz X and an OPAL XII. You can check all positions compare with Gerber, set database number and compare component size, set fidu

Assembleon Topaz Xii

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 17 20:31:44 EST 2015 | jeffr

password is yamahaim

Assembleon Topaz Xii

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 07 09:05:51 EST 2016 | chris_jayconsystems_com

Thanks Jeff

Yamaha YS24 and YS12

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 01 05:05:06 EDT 2014 | max83

Hi, Very good machine. They has different calibration procedure little bit compared with Topaz Xii. It has linear guides. in the general not so much different from Topaz Xii. Were you from?


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 05:24:15 EDT 2016 | robl

Hi Ermami, You can on the base Sapphire (non x or xii) - it's switches on the Connection Board, I'm guessing it's the same for the X & Xii, although they are pretty rare. It's in the Sapphire Service Manual, and also in the Topaz & Emerald X & Xi

Assembleon Topaz calibration

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 24 10:25:55 EDT 2008 | jdengler

I have a Philips Assembleon Topaz (not an X or XII, just Topaz), that we got from a broker or "what have you". See your statement above.

Topaz blow part off when picking up.???

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 08:38:26 EDT 2009 | duchoang

I am not sure about Topaz, but with Topaz XII, that problem could be the filter clogged, too dirty or installed improperly.

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