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block function for topaz

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 01 15:20:39 EDT 2008 | slthomas

1) Is it possible that there is another program for the board w/o without the block conversion? Renaming instead of copying the file to a new name is one mistake I won't make again! 2) Are there "notes" in the last column of the placement data? If t

Placing components by board instead of per block (Assembleon)

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 08 09:20:57 EDT 2020 | vinitverma

Since it is an Emerald XII, I suppose it is Windows and not VIOS. Go to Optimize and select "Convert with Note Data". This will convert all blocks to single PCB and keep a NOTE of original Block Data so that you can convert back to block if and when

Placing components by board instead of per block (Assembleon)

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 20:11:16 EDT 2020 | compit

This is what data optimization is for - I don't know how in Xii, in Topaz-X is in the DATA_GENERATOR menu. Do you have a manual?

Need Advice on SMT Pick&Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 24 01:45:44 EST 2005 | pavel_murtishev

Good morning, My advice is to put two Topaz-Xii in line. Machine programming is rather easy (with PPS and GPP that AssemleOn offers), but final teaching on machine is strongly required. If you want to prepare programs fully offline you�ll have to pu

Philips / Assembleon / Yamaha Topaz Xii start up issue - handshake error

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 17 10:46:16 EDT 2014 | bestglobalsmt

When the machine loads up it gets to the 2nd to last step where it starts to load vacuum data - we get 4 pop up windows once that fails. Ea2510 Machine Start error - Machine cannot be started Es00212 APPL CPU Haandshake error Ea2504 I/O Data trans

Typical SMT Machine changeover times?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 28 11:40:40 EST 2006 | smartasp

Hi Frank As far as I know only the front can be configured for trolleys unless you know more. We have not come across any limitations with regards to the range of componets after assembling over 1500 different products. How do you compare the speed

Another in a long line of Philips Topaz questions....

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 17:32:59 EDT 2007 | wayne123

In Block repeat information did you put the rotation in before optomizing? This is where the machine gets the rotation of these individual boards. The Block fiducials are good to use, but they aren't for defining rotation. If you optomized using note

Software for converting txt2vios or programming a Philips Comet

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 14:13:43 EDT 2005 | Rich

I use Cad2Cad v1.5 with Phillips Topaz. I don't know how much is differs, try this: Converting data to a Philips VIOS Text File format: 1. Open the pick and place data in Excel and format it to look like table 1. ** Make sure you delete the �mm�


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