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QSoft2 and Sound output

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 14 09:28:27 EDT 2008 | torch

im currently trying to get the audio responses working with QSoft2 as our machine didnt come with a soundcard ive managed to find an old ISA card and get it installed. its a creative soundblaster so quite a well known brand and easy to install, win98

Pick and place machine for small productions. Any suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 10 00:52:46 EST 2014 | mmdashti

Dear Madam/Sir; 1)Unfortunately after some installations and commissioning SMT and THT machines from Beijing Torch (Termway) company in Iran , the quality and operation of these machines seems so so... bad in quality. Because we have some advertise

Pick and place machine for small productions. Any suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 14 00:17:17 EST 2013 | mmdashti

Dear Juan; Our company is pishrokhotoot and we are in SMT business during 25 years ago. About machines which you mentioned: 1- Termway (Beijing Torch) is piece of shit ,Please remove this brand from your mind. 2- Neotech has some difficulty in ope


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