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Universal Genesis 11s nozzle collision even when no nozzle in sp

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 20 14:10:02 EST 2023 | ttheis

Check pin mirrors and the z touchdown sensors are responding correctly.

FLexJet pickup problems

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 29 19:39:58 EDT 2011 | jbaez1

Hi, have somebody out there experienced problems picking up passive components with flexjet head FJ7P?? Just 1 nozzle-spindle is failing, trying to pickup a resistor,cap or diode; I have already changed nozzle tip, nozzle adaptor including springs,va

Universal GSM and 0402/0201 Placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 16:57:14 EST 2015 | dilogic

I doubt you will be able to get satisfactory results with 0201. 0402 is another story. When doing 0402 projects, we use only electric (MP) feeders and always at the same feeder slots (feeder teach done for each of them). MPF08 nozzle works fine. Also

GSM FlexJet z-safe sensor

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 31 19:15:36 EDT 2020 | dilogic

We have GSM2 with FlexJet heads (an older one). There are 7 sensor amplifiers (with LED indicators) for touchdown detection and one for z-safe detection which is of a different type (with numeric LED indicator). I can't find anywhere what the right n

GSM Calibration; Z-axis not touching down to pickup calibration card.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 21:36:18 EDT 2022 | ttheis

We have two GSM machines (4-spindle, single beam) and had a camera fail on one machine. We decided to clean and calibrate the cameras on both machines. One machine we had no problems and all is working properly. The other machine will not pick up the

Cover tape tearing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 15 19:43:33 EST 2005 | Liza

Stefan - We are using an automatic sealing equipment and have several controls also. The particular machines used for processing these products could be narrowed down to 5 machines at most. The sealing temp, pressure and dwell time are checked on a

GSM2 and FlexJet heads

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 11 21:19:51 EDT 2009 | fulldrawmike

we have both flexjet and flexhead, we also have the new inline 7 head on some genesis dual beams we just put into operation. If you have a choice in flexjet heads take the inline 7. The flexjet 09 head is very labor intensive, stay away from them, e


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