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Mydata TP9-2 and TP11-UFP difference

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 17:38:27 EDT 2019 | rgduval

Not swapping out feeders....swapping out magazines. It only works well if you have enough extra mags to load all the feeders on. And is a viable solution if your position limited on your machine. Before the advent of Aegis feeders for My machine

MyData and their position on used equipment.

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 11 14:59:22 EDT 2002 | pjc

Right or wrong, Mydata has a "second user" registration fee policy in order to recieve support. If you paid the fee then you get support. If you are a re-seller and not the end-user, that may explain the treatment you are getting. If you are an end-

How to import pick and place file (generated using Altium) from USB drive in to TPSYS?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 07 13:58:01 EDT 2014 | patel_daxa29

Hi All, I have generated Pick and place file from ALtium designer.I put it on flash drive and it is plugged in MY-DATA. How do i access this file in TPSYS. I will appreciate any insight. Thank You

Im trying to install a tool on a MY15 and I am getting errors

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 14:06:04 EDT 2021 | cyber_wolf

Hit the space bar when the tpsys menu comes up when booting . There is something in there that says show transducers. I think that's where you will find z-force sensor

Im trying to install a tool on a MY15 and I am getting errors

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 17:19:46 EDT 2021 | SMTA-64387687

It seems to me that something is out of calibration. I noticed that you were reinstalling TPSys. Did this start after the reinstall? Did you restore a backup of your parameters, or recalibrate the machine with new values? Try changing the tools to "n

Step by step instructions: How to import prn file and set-up fiducials on pcb (On a My Data My9 SMT machine)

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 02 10:45:02 EST 2019 | tech1

Exactly how are you exporting it? You need to export it in TPsys format followed by Export PCB only


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