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problem in solderability

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 26 22:56:39 EDT 2008 | omid_juve

we have solderability problem(some pins aren`t soldered) with two devices in our board with the below detail EP1K30QI208-2 brand:ALTERA with the package PQFP-208 TMS320VC5416PGE160 brand:TI with the package TQFP144 these two devices are pb free but t

Rework Stations

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 04 17:06:08 EDT 2008 | alien

It all depends on the quantity and the type of product / quality requirements. Manual placement for 20 mil pitch is not _that_ hard. Another advantage of hand soldering is that you don't have to worry about the moisture level of the replacement par

Quad 4C vision alignment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 15 19:18:51 EDT 2013 | microaide

Does anyone know how to make the vision alignment work on a Quad 4C? What I mean is make it work right, and reliably. I know how to define the component for inspection (lead pitch, lead count, dimensions, tolerances, etc.), and I know how to set ligh


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