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0402 opposing track balance

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 07 01:23:43 EDT 2003 | craigj

Does anyone out there have any info on track balance ratios. i.e. heavy track entering 1 end of component (0402) and thinner track leaving other end and how this effects/causes problems like tombstoning. Am trying to put together design rules for cus

pcb track liting problem

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 26 11:17:31 EDT 2008 | manishc

i am facing problem of pcb track lifing at B.G.A. after reflow.we r using lead free paste and fr-4 grade pcb with peak temp.about 270 deg.

0.003 track PCB's

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 15 03:54:38 EDT 1999 | Gregor McInnes

Does anybody Know of a U.K. vendor who can supply Multilayer boards of up to 14+ layers at track and gap sizes of 0.003"? Even European vendors would be good. Curently we have to go to the states for this level of board and it is throwing our commit

pcb track liting problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 28 11:59:50 EDT 2008 | davef

Do you have pictures of the cross section that you could post? Here is a recent thread that could give information about what you see with your board http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=54803

0402 opposing track balance

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 08 12:52:57 EDT 2003 | davef

So, if you give your customers design guidelines and one their products causes a cataclysmic explosion, resulting in the deaths and disfigurement of many handicaped third-world children, could a lawyer consider you responsible? Spec Fir Tree General

Siemens triple track 8mm feeders

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 26 21:26:45 EDT 2011 | fholtman

I have a dead motor in one of our triple tracks, one of the three that advance the tape. was just wondering if anyone has been able to order this or any other motors direct or if they all have to come through Siemens. thanks in advance for any replys

Siemens triple track 8mm feeders

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 20:35:16 EDT 2011 | smellew

Hi you can buy the motors individually direct from Siemens or others suppliers like ourselves SME(Surface Mount Engineering)also many other uk & EU dealers(STM, Adopt, AMS,ISS & CPS, just search you'll find them plus many china suppliers, (Left side

Packing material, the right track ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 11:55:21 EDT 2001 | wbu

TA, is there somebody out there who can bring on the right track according adequate materials for long term storage of assembled boards (at least 10 years)? It�s for spare parts for future service exchange. The units should be stored seperately and

Packing material, the right track ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 01:06:43 EDT 2002 | Steven Evers

Long term storage requires the right combination of properties. ESD anti-corrosion, archival, etc. We specialize in end-of-life storage and long term preservation of electronics and micro-electronics. Feel free to contact me and check out our new web

Packing material, the right track ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 15:43:24 EDT 2001 | mparker

Have you considered vacuum package in ESD bags, just like the way the IC's are packaged? What about conformal coating for the units being stored? 10 years is a long time for End of Service life of a product. You may need to get accelerated life testi

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