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PCB land pattern for RC0402 and CC0402

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 26 12:19:09 EDT 2008 | davef

For the IPC Land Pattern Viewer, look here: http://landpatterns.ipc.org/default.asp

IPC782 and SMT Plus pattern libraries

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 19:32:52 EDT 1999 | Tom Reilly

FYI, Yes, it is true SMT Plus [ http://www.smtplus.com/ ]does not meet IPC 782 standards but is that the goal here or to meet IPC-A-610 standards for manufacturing? I agree that patterns do cause some problems if created to maximum IPC standards but

PCB land pattern for RC0402 and CC0402

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 04:18:12 EDT 2008 | gang

we have some problems in soldering joints such as insufficient solder and misalignment on some RC0402 and CC0402,i don't have a pic here. our SMT enginner doubts the PCB land pattern is at the fault.here is what we measured results.pad length:0.9mm,

PCB land pattern for RC0402 and CC0402

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 06 02:24:35 EDT 2008 | gang

thank you very much

Re: Fountain Wave Soldering and Repair/Rework Equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 21 20:22:02 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

| | Hello, | | | | I will be evaluating and qualifying two equipment types. The first is a fountain soldering device. I need practical advice on all the stuff you guys and gals know about as good, bad, ugly, best applications, setup, limitations, an

PCB Identification and Tracking

Electronics Forum | Mon May 05 22:24:17 EDT 2003 | jlipton

We are investigating a system, using 2-D matrix code, that will identify and track every PCB throughout our factory, starting from bare board. As a low-medium volume manufacturer, would labels or laser marking be more cost-effective? How difficult is

Inventory control and maintenance

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 11:42:29 EST 2015 | emeto

What software do you use to track your parts? We use Manex - it is not perfect but still gives you the opportunity to track parts/jobs relations. For example I know in each moment one particular part goes to 5 currently open jobs. You should explore

BGA and Land Patterns

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 12:32:53 EDT 1999 | Frank Hinojos

What is the current spec for sizing PCB pads for a land grid array? How about for a ball grid array? Are there industry spec's I can reference? Thanks, Frank

BGA lands and ICT

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 15:18:09 EST 2002 | angiewest

You may want to check out IPC-SM-782 "Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard" http://www.ipc.org Good Luck


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 13 10:51:22 EST 2003 | Jean-Philippe

Hi, Is there any places on the web beside UIC.com where we can find informations about LPMTF and EMTF. We have some questions like is there differents size for the track cover, questions like that... Thx J-P

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