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Inspection training

Electronics Forum | Mon May 24 20:58:15 EDT 2004 | davef

Consider: * Looking at: http://training.ipc.org/ * Searching with 'google' on 'ipc 610 training' * Having your suppliers train your inspectors, by including your people in the suppliers' on-going training and certification of their staff

Certifying Learnsoft Training

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 12:02:01 EST 2000 | Dave F

How do your customers certify your training courses before they use them to train employees?

AOI Programming Training on Omron VT-Win2

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 02 15:37:00 EDT 2016 | skyler0121

Does anyone know of any stateside Training for Omron's VT-Win2? Omron no longer supports the vt-win's and don't even have a machine to use for training. I am in need of advanced training on the color highlight system. Thanks.

Lead Free Inspection/Rework/Hand Soldering Training

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 03 09:23:31 EST 2006 | Amol Kane

Hi all, Firstly, Wishing everyone a happy new year and a successful transition to RoHS (exempt entities please disregard the later part :-)) I am looking for a formal training institute/organization to train my operating personnel for lead-free hand

SMT Automation Training

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 13 15:05:09 EDT 2019 | SMTA-Joe

Hello SMTA, We are looking to evolve our manufacturing processes by acquiring a Pick & Place machine. This is a technology we are currently not familiar with, and are looking for a thorough training course to attend. Can anyone recommend a trainin


Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 19 17:01:18 EST 2000 | sallyt

Do you offer any SMT industry training regarding High Performance Cicuit Boards and Packaging?


Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 14:47:07 EST 2000 | peterq

How do you decide who has the best training programs available, or are our choices limited?

Workforce Training

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 08:57:33 EST 2000 | markt

What methods do you recomend for training workers, while running a line at full production?

Re: Workforce Training

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 09:09:24 EST 2000 | Bob Abell

Taking any number of people off the line would be expected to slow production. That is one major advantage for more individualized approaches. Intermec in Washington faced this problem, with a need to train ESD prevention but a strong push-back fro

Re: Workforce Training

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 11:37:47 EST 2000 | markt

With this type of training, how is testing handled?

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