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X-ray interpretation courses

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 11:40:25 EST 2005 | Carol

Hello All, Can somebody direct me to a facility or school or even a business that can offer an x-ray course for Class 3 electronic circuit board population interpretation, as in BGA ball acceptance, connector solderability fill acceptance etc.? Some

IPC training

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 24 13:20:58 EDT 2009 | rtpscan

JT, Circuit Technology, Inc. is having a free online technical seminar describing the IPC courses and there relevance. You should check that out and there should be other customers there that may also have feedback for how their programs are workin

NewBie to RFID? Get free online RFID self paced courses

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 29 12:40:07 EST 2008 | somprakash

With the objective of providing highly learning experience with cost-effective RFID courses at your desktop, RFID4U � A World wide leader in RFID learning solutions offers spectrum of RFID e-Learning courses which split into separate series like Comp

Re: SMT training classes

Electronics Forum | Tue May 05 08:18:28 EDT 1998 | Jon Medernach

Good luck, I would advise you to contact the National Training Center for Microelectronics in Bethlehem, PA. They have actual courses in all aspects of SMT assembly and they are reasonable. As far as equipment for startup, I would look for used if

Reflow profile training ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 15:38:46 EDT 2008 | ck_the_flip

This person needs to have the "mental faculties" and a basic understanding of science, and understand concepts like flux, solder paste, time vs. temperature curves, etc. Do they have to be a metallurgist?? Of course not, but at the minimum they hav

SMTassembly training videos or books

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 28 15:01:07 EST 2006 | gipos

Hi all, It is obvious that people starting with SMT assembly can not easily get training courses. User manuals are not suficient.Small companies buying used SMT machines are very interested in training books and videos. Is there any source of decent

SMTassembly training videos or books

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 29 14:10:14 EST 2006 | gipos

Hi GS, We are contract manufacturer for small series of electronic equipment fully trained for SMT.Making mostly RF with only few QFPs,TSOPs...SMT machine assembly was made by local subcontractor when needed. Recently we acquired two Juki 730 machin

Re: SMT training classes and start up equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 23 11:23:25 EDT 1998 | Russ Miculich

You have addressed two separate issues. We are stencil printer manufacturers and equipment choices can be a real tricky and frustrating proposition if not prepared with training and understanding of the process first. I would heartily encourage you

Re: I am looking for training for SMT process.

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 21 20:21:21 EST 1998 | Ray Prasad

Larry, I am in Portland. If you are looking for on-site training, check out my web site: www.rayprasad.com. There are many courses described. If you need more details, send me an email. Ray Prasad smtsolver@rayprasad.com

Re: SMT training classes and start up equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue May 05 13:44:57 EDT 1998 | Mark Mitchell

Mr. Desrochers; Philips EMT Americas offers a three day course entitled, "Introduction to SMT Manufacturing". The course addresses all major factors that influence the automated SMT assembly process. Topics that are discussed in the course are list

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