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transducers out of sync error, Mydata TP-11

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 23:02:55 EST 2012 | ev

We have a TP-11 and this error occurs at the start of the insertion pattern hence we can't run. Any suggestions for correction? Thanks, Ev

transducers out of sync error, Mydata TP-11

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 28 08:19:03 EST 2012 | cyber_wolf

Replace both of the big X-wagon ribbon cables to start with. You always have to rule those out before looking at anything else.

transducers out of sync error, Mydata TP-11

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 28 07:31:40 EST 2012 | bk

I'm assuming it's your x wagon tranducers that are out of synch. So the first place to start is look at your couplings on both x motors and make sure one of them isn't broken or starting to break. After that i would try swapping out your x board with

240v - 110v

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 28 21:37:54 EDT 2006 | chrisgriffin

Check the resistors on the circuit board. It is also very likely that you have blown the crystals in the transducers. How big is the unit? What is the frequency of the unit(transducers). These can be tricky to troubleshoot, but replacement transdu

MYDATA F-MOT-MOVE X/245 Motor drive inhibited

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 12 11:21:43 EDT 2018 | tech1

There are 2-X motors and numerous items that could be causing this: 1 of the X motors, 1 of the X transducers, 1 of the couplings connecting the motor and transducer, X Kevlar Belt. If you know how to go into the service portion of the software you

Re: Sensors/Transducers for E-Nose

Electronics Forum | Tue May 16 22:48:09 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Dustin: try:

F-MOT-MSETDYN Theta/12: No axis movement detected by transducer

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 14 16:55:07 EST 2020 | bilalfarooqi

Thanks so much Bruce and thanks Rob.

MyData Y wagon shudder

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 09:42:50 EST 2005 | cyber_wolf

If you are not getting repeatable transducer readings then some possiblities are : 1. Transducer is bad 2. Motor is bad 3. Y power booster Also, I can't remember if the Y motor has a flex coupling on it or not. If it does, check that out. Also, w

Issue with MYDATA MY19 "Transducers do not agree"

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 12 14:14:42 EST 2020 | alvarez94

I am running a MYDATA MY19 machine.the problem is that the first 2 hours after turning on the machine it does not work throwing the following error: "transducers do not agree". After approximately 1 or 2 hours the machine starts working normally. T

Mydata M12 issue

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 05 08:19:13 EDT 2009 | rgduval

We've been having random transducer errors on our TP recently. After speaking with MyData tech support, we were told the answer could be: 1. the transducer(s), 2. something causing undue friction, 3. something undiagonsed yet. Their recomendation

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