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Tribol 1421/SG

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 12:02:24 EST 2008 | soudomphong

I have been searching for a compatible high temp chain oil other than Tribol 1421/SG due to cost cutting, which is what electrovert is recommending. I was wondering if anybody can tell me beside Tribol 1421/SG. What other brand out there that is come

Omniflo 5 conveyor

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 27 09:35:11 EST 2006 | cyber_wolf

The only problem with the Tribol is PB Free profiles. At thses temps, the Tribol smokes and stinks bad. It also has a tendancy to carbonize. I find myself having to use easy off to clean the chains.

Reflow Oven Chains

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 09 18:24:30 EDT 2006 | SWAG

Great advice, all. Thanks much. I called on the Tribol 930 and there is now a blend called Tribol 1421 that is good for higher temps. Speedline recommends in place of 930 if you wish to do so. Might be something to consider for lead free stuff.

Heller Reflow Ovens and Tribol 1421 high temp chain oil

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 14:46:26 EST 2011 | dscott6977

Just wondering if anyone has a Heller reflow oven and is currently or in the past use Tribol 1421 high temp chain oil. Thanks.

High Temp Chain Oil in USA

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 17 16:40:31 EDT 2018 | sumote

I use Tribol 1421 https://thelubricantoracle.castrol.com/product/tribol-1421-sg-high-temperature-chain-lube

Reflow Oven Chains

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 11:39:47 EDT 2006 | James

Where do you purchase the Tribol 1421? Thanks

High Temp Chain Oil

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 20 12:50:32 EST 2008 | soudomphong

Where can I get Tribol 1421/SG high temp chain Oil? Thanks, Seth

Tribol 1421/SG

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 25 07:34:44 EST 2008 | cyber_wolf

It's still expensive if you buy it from Castrol ?

Tribol 1421/SG

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 27 03:48:30 EST 2008 | lococost

Turmofluid 40b by lubcon, recommended by soltec, works well, no odors.

Tribol 1421/SG

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 27 12:19:24 EST 2008 | soudomphong

Castrol will not sell direct.

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