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IPC standards for TR-640A

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 19:06:55 EDT 2007 | davef

We have TR-460A. We do not use it very often, because of the level of experience of our troop. It is useful for companies looking to develop, structure, and organize their wave soldering process troubleshooting skills. The information in TR-460A is n

CRT 4 CP43

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 28 15:00:16 EDT 2008 | mmjm_1099

Hello all, I am looking to troubleshoot and old CRT from a CP43 and looking for a schematic. PN# CG-9702-FS. This I am sure is old and might not have anything but hey worth a shot. I already ordered a replacement just looking to repair this old one.

MY19 Feeder advance problem slot 2

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 04 08:54:46 EDT 2008 | sys_steven

We just had an issue where only slots 9 and up advanced on any feeder, an slot 2 advanced all the time. Slot 1 and 3-8 would not advance in any position. We replace the IC's at U12 and U13 on the M1 card, now slot 1 is the only one not working. We

Philips Topaz Vision

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 16:31:09 EST 2009 | shanebeard

I turned on my standard Philips Topaz today, and the vision system did not come up with the rest of the machine. If there is anyone out there that could walk me through troubleshooting this problem, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking the

IP2 placing parts shifted after servo fixed?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 01 16:04:17 EDT 2009 | jimmyboz

I found your ealier thread, when you swapped amps for trouble-shooting, as a rule of thumb, always swap them back, otherwise, you may introduce a new unexperienced problem. The original problem, (Z2 according to the thread) will not influence H1 unl

8221 controller on an old axial

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 02 11:33:49 EDT 2009 | floydf

I've got a Universal axial machine with an 8221 controller on it. It stopped communicating to the monitor. Also, when I start it up the run light comes on for a second and then goes off. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find information for

Bubbles on solder joint(after conformal coating curing)

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 22 19:59:26 EST 2009 | prodivegsr

Hi Davef, The bubbles occurs at the body also...there's also a washing process before the conformal coating:-the Flux residue are removed after washing. ... The curing profile is also something that we are looking into during the initial troubles

Strange things ocuring during reflow...

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 24 19:51:12 EST 2010 | dcell_1t

Hi! Just to update... we checked along with solder paste suplier and found that the curtain on the oven was probably causing the issue so we removed in order to troubleshoot, as far as I know this curtain helps to not allow to flow oxygen into the ov

AQ-400 SMT-400CL pcb Cleaning system

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 12 12:00:49 EST 2010 | joeherz

Aqueous Tech has a very reasonable equipment registration program. I think $750 was what we paid. With that you get phone support and I'd bet you can get copies of the manuals you need. It would likely be worth it when compared to the time you cou

DEK 265GSX Vision Error 1

Electronics Forum | Sun May 02 17:58:21 EDT 2010 | bruceb

When my DEK 265GSX boots I get a vision error1 and am asked to reinitialize. I cannot get into mainenance mode to troubleshoot. DEK told me over the phone that I have a bad Cognex card and it would be $20k to repair. This is crazy, has anyone seen th

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