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PCB Trouble shooting Lab

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 09:38:04 EDT 2001 | CAL

With some help from our good Friends at Agilent Technologies our RF Lab includes testing up to 100GHz. Equipment includes Vector network analyzer, signal analyzer, dual channel power meter, noise filter meter, advanced impedance analyzer (including

Re: Elimination of Silk Screen

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 12 03:48:46 EDT 1999 | Chris May

In a cost-reduction effort, our Design group is attempting to eliminate silk-screen (legend ink) on some new products. By the elimination of this process, there will be a slight decrease in the cost of the bare board. Presently, the silk scre

Re: 0402 part identification

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 06 09:23:47 EDT 1999 | Wolfgang Busko

I would like comments on how the industry handles 0402 parts, regarding identification. Since the parts are too small to be labeled, how can we accurately identify the parts and or values, either before or after assembly? When the boards go to te

Re: Siemens S20 Hang Issue

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 18 02:57:09 EDT 1999 | bach huss

Hi All, I am running 19 Siemens S20 Machine here. I found out that the Siemens Machine once a while hangs. The remedy is reboot the machine. I wonder what is the machine hang rate for other S20 machine else where. Can anyone giv

Re: SPC on Chip Placement Machines

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 12 05:59:32 EDT 1999 | JAX

Hi All, Does any one out there have SPC control on Chip placement Machines? I was wondering what type of parameters we can monitor. We have Siplace here equip with SEC-GEM and a monitoring software. Just curious if anyone has done SPC on Chip

Re: Sutable ICT

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 15 21:41:28 EDT 1999 | Scott McKee

We have a new facility for producing M/B, RAM modules...etc what kind of ICT Machines do you recommend provided that. We have Philips (Topaz & Emerald) for Pick &Place. Also identify what kind of testing do you recommend during the process

Re: PWB marking

Electronics Forum | Thu May 27 14:44:05 EDT 1999 | Deon Nungaray

One of our board fab houses is asking (again) to eliminate the reference designators and polarity markings from boards. This isn't feasible for thru-hole, but what is the industry trend on surface mount assemblies? Deon Response: Hi Greg, Fr

Shootenem from a-far

Electronics Forum | Sun May 16 10:11:50 EDT 1999 | M Cox

I'm running memory module product- SMT double reflow ( 12 modules per panel). I'm using the epoxy base solder paste in order to reduce the flux spattering problem onto the gold finger which could lead to the intermittent contact problem. I do

Re: White layer appearance on PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 28 15:43:16 EST 1999 | Dave F

Hello Netters, I need some info, Earl or Dave, I have a PCB that exhibits a white layer on solder side. It does not appear to be surface residues (IPA has no effect), but looks like its under solder mask. My first guess is that the LPI solde

Re: Siemens's users. What do you think ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 21 12:48:41 EDT 1998 | Derek Drabenstadt

I would like to know something about Siemens machines from users of Siplace or old machines. Thanks ! I have been working in a shop with 80-S and 80-F machines for two years. The down time we have experienced is significant. Up to 25%.

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