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TSSOP/SOIC conversion socket

Electronics Forum | vargas_s |

Tue Feb 13 14:57:59 EST 2001

SIemens S15 Stick/Vib Feeder Magazines

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 06:39:59 EDT 2010 | walkbury

Hi... We specialize in small/medium production batches and as such, many components are supplied in stick form as opposed to Tape and Reel. We use a variety of stick feeder magazines for the vib feeders, but don't have any for TSSOP devices (specifi

SIemens S15 Stick/Vib Feeder Magazines

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 07 16:55:19 EDT 2010 | cbroegger

Hi, This one should be for the TSSOP16 and up to TSSOP20 : 00343788-02, check the attached pdf.

where to buy IC tubes

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 18 12:54:33 EDT 2012 | gaz

We buy TSSOPs from Digikey, but the tubes they come in are too short for our PNP machine. I'm trying to buy just a handful of these IC tubes. These say 26020129 TSSOP 4.4 0949 on them. We'd like about 20". Can anyone help?

TSSOP/SOIC conversion socket

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 13 14:59:48 EST 2001 | vargas_s

I have an application where a customer cannot get a 14 lead TSSOP device in time for his needs (his board design is fixed). He can however get the same device in a 16 lead SOIC wide body package (two leads are not used). Has anyone come across a cost

skew components

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 12:38:05 EDT 2005 | Mark

Hallo, I have a problem with Topaz Xi with FNC nozzles. We have front, back and single camera in Topaz Xi. When i am using front camera and placing SO8, TSSOP14, TSSOP16 etc, using nozzles 73F the accurancy is ok. But when i switch to the back cam

Fine Pitch Stencil Design

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 14 08:06:07 EST 2005 | tk380514

Also we have just made a prototype for Wave soldered SMT components D-packs + 0603 + TSSOP�s on the bottom side with THT comp. on the top, the stencil manufacturer gave his personal library of glue stencil openings and adviced on stencil thickness wh

TSSOP/SOIC conversion socket

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 14 05:40:25 EST 2001 | peterbarton

There is a company here in the UK that specialises in manufacturing adapters for converting from one footprint to another, maybe they have already done this particular combination. If not they will design and manufacture to suit. They are: PRS Limit


Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 19 20:08:33 EDT 2001 | Lex WW

Can anyone tell me the significance of the EPTSSOP (Exposed Pad Thin Shrink Small Outline Package)? From the drawing it appears to be just a 28-pin TSSOP. Are there any special sensitivities / requirements during PCB assembly? Please help.

Adaptor for SOP48 Package *URGENT*

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 06 11:26:14 EST 1999 | Peter Brant

Does anyone out there know of an adpator I can fit to a SOP48 footprint that will accomodate a TSSOP48 device?

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