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CSM-84 pick and place machine.

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 12 13:19:27 EST 2011 | tpappano

A simple trick I read either here or on another P&P forum is to use "Silly Putty". Place a small thin spot of Silly Putty on the top of the front conveyor rail, and put the machine in "manual" mode. Steer head #1 over the putty and lower it, leavin

mirae pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 11 01:01:41 EDT 2003 | kadaba

we are evaluating mirae1025 pick and place machine along with mydata tp9-2u samsung cp45lv has any one got info on mirae and how do you rate this against the other two.. or alternatively should i include anu other similer model. i amd having not muc

small and good pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 05 23:18:03 EDT 2013 | feiyangniao

There is a new toy I received today: a NeoDen TM-240A automatic desktop pick and place machine! I’ve kept my eyes on this baby for a quite a while, and finally decided to make a purchase last week. The shipping was very fast: DHL from China, a total

pick and place made in China

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 19 09:27:39 EST 2017 | cuervo

have anyone a pick and place made in china with conveyor and 4 or 6 nozzle

Upgrading From TVM920 pick and place machinne

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 22 05:05:12 EDT 2019 | worzel76

Hi I have a TVM920 pick and place machine but need something with a conveyor and more feeders I thinking of a used Yamaha YV100 XG or a Chinese SMT880 I want to make the correct choice and would really appreciate some advice

UPS on a pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 05 12:05:20 EDT 2003 | dougt

It looks like I could setup a UPS on this machine one of two ways. The first would be a 3 phase, 208V UPS in series with the machine (sounds big and expensive). The second is a single phase 208V UPS to just the 2 computers. I have a safety concern

Advice on used pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 07:50:22 EDT 2006 | quad

We currently run two Quad IVC's (we are very pleased with them) and two Versatronics for simple small volume batch work. We now need an additional machine capable of placing components at least three times as quickly as a IVC. We don't do anything ve

Multi-part reeling for pick and place

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 16 09:58:57 EDT 2004 | jdumont

I agree with Russ. If possible buy a bunch of used feeders and load up the next job while the first one is still running. This will save you time and lots of aggrevation over reeling feeders in the correct order, this will never work in the 'real wor

Multi-part reeling for pick and place

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 16 13:41:24 EDT 2004 | Frank

I agree with everybody here. There are plenty of better options than what you have proposed. Without knowing your equipment brand, or what type of offline software you have, if any, I have a few suggestions. 1) If you don't have any offline softwa

obective comparison between siplace and fuji pick and place equipment

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 10 08:12:50 EDT 1998 | Rick I.

we currently have a siplace line(80s/f) and are inhereting a fuji line from another site. I need an objective comparison between the two. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the fuji with regard to programming, operating and maintenance. any cav

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