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Tyco MEP-6T which tools?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 15:31:20 EDT 2015 | antoine_fradette

i am looking to buy a Press-fit machine and was wondering if the foolowing tools work with the Tyco MEP-6T press is a good choice? molex: insertion:62202-9940 extraction:62203-0150 molex: insertion:62202-9780 extraction: 62202-9790 Thanks


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 09:53:55 EDT 2008 | jeffjarmato

Morning Bob, Do you have a contact at Tyco for service on this? If you post that I will schedule service and get the tools that I need to get this press running. Thanks, Jeff


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 21:47:25 EDT 2008 | jeffjarmato

To everyone that helped Thank you!!! Got it up and running Thanks Bob, Dean and Bob at Tyco support!!! Jeff


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