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UCT 52 Software

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 17 12:42:24 EDT 2010 | oakie70

How do you merge two databases in UCT 52? Or for that matter, does anyone have a book out there for UCT 52?

Help on Universal Programming software UCT52

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 10 18:28:43 EDT 2007 | golff

I just download the UCT52 from universal website and i tried on it. Did anyone know why the software not showing any of the placement grahic and the grahic for part data?

UIC 4796 HSP Password

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 15 13:02:55 EST 2009 | bigdaddysoy9

This is the procedure to reset the password in the UCT-52 software. I don't know if it will also work on the machine, but it's worth a try: To reset UCT 52 after you get a password has changed error, you need to type the master password in to reset

Universal HSP/GSM and Unicam

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 16:22:29 EDT 2006 | jaimebc

Are there any users currently working with Unicam and Universal HSP and GSM? If so, what offline interface are you using? USOS or UCT-52. Was there any conflict between Universal's interface and Unicam? Thanks

Universal HSP/GSM and Unicam

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 16:30:17 EDT 2006 | ratsalad

At my previous employer we ran HSP - GSM lines. Some sites used CIMBridge, others Unicam. We all used UCT52, not USOS, for the HSPs. At that time we had 4796's, 4791's, and USOS 4.X on our GSMs.

Universal OS/2 sfotware upgrade?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 15:57:54 EDT 2007 | bigdaddysoy9

UCT-52 does support the 4796. We use DPO with 4796s and GSMs running OS/2. It works fine. It is quite expensive but it cuts your programming time down significantly.

Universal OS/2 sfotware upgrade?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 11:24:48 EDT 2007 | ratsalad

I bet UIC's new programming software DPO will support the 4796. Maybe not, though. It will certainly support a 4797 but I don't know about the 4796. Anyway, that will not be cheap. Otherwise, there is Sanyo's UCT software. I believe UCT-52 wil

Universal 4796B Questions...

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 24 09:26:59 EDT 2007 | bentigano

Well, everything works with UCT52 on WinXP, except Components Library and Pattern Program Data in the Main Menu. I can communicate with the machine back and forth for management data, and nozzle data, but I cannot send NCZ programs over, or interact


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