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Board washer

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 30 14:27:49 EST 2006 | pjc

Not really. A new Electrovert AquaStorm 100, in-line machine, is under $60K, for straight aqueous applications. The batch type from Aqueous Tech are like $35K I believe. $120K would be for a high performance in-line machine, such as the AquaStorm 200

cleaning NO clean

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 05 18:15:15 EDT 2002 | pjc

There are chemistries out there that will solublize some post-solder NC flux residues. I have had success with Zestron material Vigon A200 and Petroferm material Hydrex DX. Go to http://www.zestron.com and http://www.petroferm.com These are chemical

Board washer

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 07 09:25:36 EST 2006 | pjc

Can be done with AquaStorm 200, with some mods. I worked on a project a few years ago for a military company that needed to clean no-clean solderpaste residues from under LCC devices, we're talking like 2mil standoff. We ended up using a Zestron clea

Inline Aqueous Wash for WS and RMA fluxes

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 08 10:24:11 EST 2006 | pjc

The Speedline Technologies- Electrovert AquaStorm 200 is one machine that can do the trick. You'll need the Chemical Isolation option for the RMA flux and you'll need a cleaning chemistry like what Zestron and Kyzen have. Yes, hi-density boards with

Inline Aqueous Wash for WS and RMA fluxes

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 08 21:26:44 EST 2006 | billwestiet

You already have some good answers. A chemical isolation zone for RMA is a good idea. If you are looking for new see the two references you have and Austin America. If you are looking for used, see us at http://www.ietechnology.net. We presently

Inline Washers

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 28 10:32:45 EST 2003 | pjc

Cookson Electronics Equipment- Electrovert AquaStorm 200 highly recommended options: Checkmate Conveyor Hurricane Jets in Wash and Rinse 4 Additional Top Spray Bars in Wash *Closed Loop Filtration System for Wash *Positive Displacement Chemical Meter

Skiming Dross From Solder Pot

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 16:16:57 EST 1999 | Horace Johnson

We have a Ultra 2000 wave solder machine with a Lambda, Omega and Rotary chip waves. We are running three shift and our operators dedross the solder pot every 24 to 32 hours. That is skimming around the nozzles and pumps. Our maintenance does a compl

Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 21 20:15:50 EST 2013 | jeremymek

It depends really on what you are looking to spend. there are small bench top ultra sonic style cleaners ( eg http://www.gen3systems.com/viewprod-GENSONIC.php) or larger full automatic immersion style cleaners eg http://www.mb-tech.fr/en/our-soluti

Wave soldering profiling

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 14 20:48:43 EDT 2004 | Ken

Just a thought.... Some Fluxes require temperatures upto 260F (127C). Are you using water based flux or solvent (alcohol). I have noticed that many wave machines are NOT capable of preheating adequately when using water based materials. This can

Ultra low cost pick & place?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 13 08:47:38 EDT 2008 | locostpp

Yes, this is a good point and really only time will tell just how reliable such a machine becomes. What I'm aiming for is to simplify and reduce the number of sub-assemblies. For example we are building the camera/vision processor and lighting into

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