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solder balls

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 20 17:09:10 EDT 2001 | davef

Circuits Assembly magazine 09/99 "Defluxing with Ultrasonics" by Les Hymes. [There's more but I can't find it right now. I'll add to this as I find the junk, er very nice stuff.] J-STD-001C states that its OK to use ultrasonics for cleaning so lon

solder balls

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 20 10:35:34 EDT 2001 | slthomas

David, I've thought about doing this also with no clean boards that were poorly cleaned following a misprint (and subsequently reprinted, populated, and reflowed) but have shyed away because of the potential for damage to components from the ultraso

solder fillet peeling update....

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 14 12:24:02 EDT 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi So Steve, I must have missed something from your last subject topic. "solder fillet peeling" Are you saying you or they, Ultrasonic Clean for 20 to 30 minutes after soldering and that is suspected as causing the cracking at the top of the compo

WS619LF solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 07 05:24:16 EST 2008 | muarty

I would advise that you clean the stencil thoroughly at least every 4 hours, also though it is worth cleaning the stencil top and bottom after any breaktimes. To avoid solder paste drying off in stencil apertures. Best piece of kit I've purchased was

Does pot temperature affects quality of the solder joints?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 06 22:38:46 EST 2017 | david_chiu

No matter in selective soldering or wave soldering process, higher pot temperature and longer wetting time can increase IMC thickness and joint strength(reliability), but as Daivf said, you need to care if the DIP component and bare PCB was damaged b

Lead free SAC solder paste on Sn63 HASL PCBs

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 07 14:33:00 EST 2015 | eezday

The assumption that a HASL Sn63 PCB can be soldered with SAC solder paste is likely a bad one. The board itself is likely FR4 which can be damaged by lead free temperatures. The HASL finish isn't an issue from the perspective of it's makeup and actu

Does pot temperature affects quality of the solder joints?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 06 17:19:59 EST 2017 | davef

Evtimov: IDEALS Project was one of the first to talk about componebt and board damage caused by LF soldering temperatures. There's lots of more current stuff on the web. Here's some that may help: * Assessment of Long-term Reliability in Lead-free As

Cracked Joints & Ultrasonic Welding

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 10:48:24 EST 2005 | Rob

Can't say too much about the solder joints issue, but about a decade ago we did have a lot of problems with resonators being damaged by harmonics from Ultrasonic board washing & Ultrasonic welding. However this mostly manifested itself as cracking i

Aqueous Board Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue May 20 12:35:45 EDT 2003 | Mike Konrad

This probably a reflow issue, not a cleaning issue. Although ultrasonic cleaners are not normally used in post-reflow applications (fear of internal wire bond damage), I have never heard of broken solder joints caused by an ultrasonic cleaning syst

Re: Corroding Solder Joints

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 28 12:26:22 EST 1999 | Christopher Lampron

Rick, Does the ultrasonic cleaning system that you use reuse the same water for each cleaning cycle? I have had a similar problem in the past using a Brandson ultrasonic cleaner and water soluable flux. The problem was the buildup of flux in the clea

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