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Rework using flux pens

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 08 11:28:30 EST 2002 | mregalia

We use NC flux exclusively for SMT and wave soldering. And it is a fairly old formula from Multicore, though we are currently qualifying a new formula. The automated soldering does not appear to be a problem. It is only the hand soldering that causes

No-Clean flux residue from Secondary Ops

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 23 12:59:12 EDT 2013 | pauldavis4

New pcba supplier sent us first article pcbas (SMT, Wave & hand solder operations) that failed our testing due to no-clean flux residues found under ICs and around passive capacitors. Second lot came in and had 100% pass yield, but we still see a cl

SMT Solder paste and wave flux evaluation

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 09:53:37 EST 2005 | Howard Sommerfeld

I also have a spreadsheet tool for comparative analysis using criterion weighted scoring. It can be used to analyze any decision, and helps groups reach consensus on why a particular alternative is the way to go. As final steps you can also consider

Flux Compatibility Issues....

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 17:13:41 EDT 2006 | davef

We don't agree that "a little to the top would just even things out". The raw flux on the top of the board never touches the wave and so, does not receive the proper amount of heat for activation, except at the through hole barrels. * We assume WML

reworking brds by flowing the board thru' oven for the 3rd times

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 19 11:26:21 EST 2001 | Steve

Another issue is that once solder paste has been reflowed, the majority of the flux is gone. If it is reflowed again without solder flux, the risk of introducing oxidation to the component leads is increased, thus creating a weak solder joint.

Flux Removal Solvent

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 06:04:18 EST 2007 | phil69

Hi, I am currently looking for a replacement solvent to remove RMA flux from Hybred Ceramic Substrates after reflow. We are currently using Dichloromethane in a Crest AVD500 wash. This solvent carries an R40 risk phrase, hence we are on a drive f

Flux Removal Solvent

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 12:27:33 EST 2007 | coop

you might want to take a look at Genesolv it seemed to work well at my last job, but I am unsure about what the risk phrase is on this product.

LED lifted soldering defect

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 00:10:55 EST 2019 | sssamw

Not really, if this is a normal consumer electronics, could be no big issue. Anyway flux residue provide ions and the substance absorb water or moisture. If for automotive or space, could have high risk, it depends your application.

How difficult is it to switch from a no-clean solder paste to a water soluble solder paste between builds on SMT line?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 31 15:58:07 EDT 2017 | jutikagokarn

Thank you for your response. We build boards on an SMT line that is shared with other companies too and are currently using water soluble flux based solder paste on both boards. We realized an issue with washing on one of the boards so requested to

Flux Removal from IC for Re-work

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 07 11:32:20 EST 2009 | brianksc

Hi All, I am trying to figure out the best way to rework around 2.7K worth of 48pin QFP ICs. I am trying to salvage these ICs from defective PCBA and they have quite a bit of rosin flux on them. Does anyone know how to get the flux off while minim

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