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Programming Software

Jun 20, 2013 | There's also UniCAM...

Programming Mydata

Apr 15, 2011 | It would be excellent if somebody post the file, we're using an old-old-old version of unicam (5.x)

Unicam FX

Feb 14, 2011 | Does anyone know who reps Unicam FX in Florida, or the southeast US? Thanks.

Calculating Mydata angels with CircuitCam

May 5, 2009 | I don't have CircuitCam, I'm using Unicam with Mydata. In Unicam I have a Theta Offset setting for


Feb 29, 2008 | I have used Unicam's GerbCAM with limited success, it is very dependant on the quality of the custom

Validation of Pick & Place programs

Jan 11, 2008 | How are you using to program your pick and place? Unicam, CircuitCam?????

Optimizer software for different brand of Pick and place equipme

Aug 20, 2007 | I use Unicam but I hear Valor is better. www.valor.com

gerber converter to centroid

Oct 20, 2006 | If i'm not mistaken, wasn't this 'Unicam' at one point in time?

Universal HSP/GSM and Unicam

Apr 18, 2006 | At my previous employer we ran HSP - GSM lines. Some sites used CIMBridge, others Unicam. We all u

Universal HSP/GSM and Unicam

Apr 17, 2006 | Are there any users currently working with Unicam and Universal HSP and GSM? If so, what offline

x-y data generation

Jul 8, 2005 | Try Aegis or Unicam they both sell a pretty good Cad/Gerber/Ascii converter for most SMT equipment

Circuit cam related software

May 26, 2005 | Good Morning EB, We too, are looking at a CAM system to accomodate these tasks. We have Unicam (T

PCB tracking system for WIP???

Sep 22, 2004 | I believe that UniCam has this as a module.

Mydata off-line programming

Sep 1, 2004 | GC Power-Place vs. Unicam ...... Pros? Cons?

CAM Software

Jul 16, 2004 | Good Morning Everyone, I am interested in any opinions regarding the use of Aegis and Unicam for ma

CIMBridge - programming software

Apr 17, 2004 | Are you using UniCAM yet?

Fuji Flexa

Apr 14, 2004 |

Manufacturing faults - data collection systems

Feb 21, 2004 | Check out Technomatix Unicam quality system. Uses bar code and computer terminal.

Fuji Flexa

Oct 15, 2003 | I strongly reconmend to switch over to Flexa. It's much easier and reliable than FujiCam and UniCam.

Quality / Defect tracking

Sep 12, 2003 | Unicam quality systems.


Jul 3, 2002 |


Jul 2, 2002 |

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