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parts for universal 4785

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 19 19:54:42 EST 2000 | g cronin

I am looking for some misc. parts for a universal 4785 or newer. If anyone knows of one that is being parted out or of a company who has good spare parts inventory please let me know. Unfortunately buying parts directly from universal can sort o

universal genesis hsc

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 18 11:13:12 EDT 2004 | smt

I am in the process of evaluating some pick and place machines. Looking for feedback on Universal's new genesis HSC VS.HSP4797

Fuji universal tape covers

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 25 11:41:15 EDT 2006 | cyber_wolf

Does anyone have problems with these ? I am having a lot of pick errors and it seems to be related to the new universal covers..........????

Fuji universal tape covers

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 26 12:22:28 EDT 2006 | cyber_wolf

The new universal guide replaces .7 - 1.8 mm tape covers. Fuji no longer makes the slitted type tape covers. How can the tape guide be mis-centered ?

universal radial 5 cable

Electronics Forum | Wed May 27 10:26:35 EDT 2015 | jodonoghue

hi a long shot but i am looking for help trying to source a cable from a universal rad 5 sequencer . it is the cable that goes between the interupt sensor and the i/o box .. any help would be appreciated or help on where to look thanks in advance

universal genesis hsc

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 12 12:17:49 EDT 2004 | mkallen

We have an HSP4797 and can provide a favorable opinion on that machine.

universal dual head (axial)

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 13 17:29:02 EDT 2007 | fnorradd

I am currently having a problem with uncut legs on one side of axial components from a universal dual head insertion machine. Initially it was thought that the anvil on one side was engaging slow so I stripped down and changed the seals in the botto

universal hsp 4791 help

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 10:05:43 EDT 2006 | dwelch123

Did you get your answers? If not you can call me at 941-758-3340. Ask for Dennis Welch,,, I've got all your answers but to lengthy to type out.

universal dual head (axial)

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 14 10:42:03 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Are you sure the anvil is coming up? You might try running a program w/o parts or boards (no continuity check) and watching to see if everything is moving when it should be. Do you use continuity checking? If so, what are the results?

universal dual head (axial)

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 14:45:10 EDT 2007 | jeffharley

Are you using adjustable workboard holders or dedicated ones? Are both heads lined up exactly the same(using the b.e.c. template? Are parts formed correctly and lined up with the component holes on both sides(heads)?

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