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Picking and placing coils with a universal In-Line 7

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 24 09:50:59 EST 2019 | my3sons

We can handle this challenge. If you would like to get an RFQ on a custom nozzle, please complete our form: http://www.cotinc.com/nozzle/

Picking and placing coils with a universal In-Line 7

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 11:46:45 EST 2019 | bane016

Maybe you have to contact your machine support they can modify special nozzle for that component...i dont know what else you can try...or just contact your support and ask them what to do...we had a similar problem with LED diode on our machine..and

Picking and placing coils with a universal In-Line 7

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 08 14:41:08 EST 2019 | jrogalski88

I am a fairly new technician with a rather large electronics assembly company. Its been an ongoing issue to pick and place small coils using our Universal SMT machines. Curious if any if the seasoned techs at smt.net have any recommendations as far a

Universal HSP/GSM and Unicam

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 16:22:29 EDT 2006 | jaimebc

Are there any users currently working with Unicam and Universal HSP and GSM? If so, what offline interface are you using? USOS or UCT-52. Was there any conflict between Universal's interface and Unicam? Thanks

Universal HSP/GSM and Unicam

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 16:30:17 EDT 2006 | ratsalad

At my previous employer we ran HSP - GSM lines. Some sites used CIMBridge, others Unicam. We all used UCT52, not USOS, for the HSPs. At that time we had 4796's, 4791's, and USOS 4.X on our GSMs.

Die placement with MPA-G3 pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 07:53:51 EDT 2002 | Jim M.

Has anyone had much luck Picking and Placing die with a Panasonic MPA-G3?What special setups or considerations are required? Currently we pick and place one die with our Universal GSM using only one nozzle. The nozzle must be painted white in order

GSM2 and FlexJet heads

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 11 21:19:51 EDT 2009 | fulldrawmike

we have both flexjet and flexhead, we also have the new inline 7 head on some genesis dual beams we just put into operation. If you have a choice in flexjet heads take the inline 7. The flexjet 09 head is very labor intensive, stay away from them, e

Re: SMT Pick and Place

Electronics Forum | Thu May 28 21:13:09 EDT 1998 | skhun

| Our company is currently looking to implement a SMT production line. What I am looking for is feedback on people's experiences with various machines. | Here's what we are in the market for: | Low/Mid volume 3,000+cph machine that can handle high j

Universal GSM and 0402/0201 Placement

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 19 09:07:45 EST 2015 | cotinc01

We can offer several nozzles to assist with the placement of 0402/0201 components in the four-spindle head. We offer the 06MPF along with custom ceramic tipped nozzles. Most of our standard nozzles for this head type are less than $125.00 each. Chec

Pick and Place drops nozzles

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 04 11:32:44 EDT 2005 | geb

One of my Universal GSM (1995/ 1996 model) pick and place machines has recently started to drop the nozzle on the reject belt when dropping off a rejected component. I have tried replacing the nozzel holders on the ends of the spindles but with no im

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